If caught, first-time offenders in Oklahoma can be fined up to $500

A Tulsa, Oklahoma teen named Jaylon, who goes by @Jay2Throwed on TikTok, decided he’d film himself stealing services from a Self-Service Car wash, risking a fine and jail time for that precious internet clout. In a video posted more than a week ago that’s surprisingly still up, Jaylon shows off his hood-tech, using an old car speaker to activate the coin mechanism.

Check out his video below. In case it’s not up, there’s a mirror here.

According to a handful of posts on Car Wash Forums, this is a grift that’s been around for at least twenty years, if not more. Since there are a handful of car wash user interface makers, with cheap and durable coin acceptors, there’s no incentive to innovate. Even though there are new self-service car wash installations, if contractors go for these older style coin acceptors, it’s still all low-tech inside. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Cheapskates like Jaylon take advantage of this low-tech with magnets. Once a quarter is identified as authentic because of its size and outer ridges, it passes through a slot hitting a thin wire that triggers an open circuit closed, registering one credit and a certain amount of programmed in. By using a powerful magnet, Jaylon is tripping that wire from outside the machine.

It’s also plain ol’ petty theft.

According to EdgeCriminalDefense.com, crimes under $500 are categorized as petty theft punishable by a fine up to $500 or a possible six months in jail. The fines and jail time increase for repeat offenders.

If filming it wasn’t dumb enough, Jaylon justifies his actions on another video by saying “he lives in the hood” and he has to do certain things, like stealing, to survive.

Listen, it’s five dollars I’m not going to spend. If you not been in the hood, or been poor, all that ****. you do not have to spend money on unnecessary things that you do not need. I’m not paying.

First, we’re talking about saving $1.50 at a time here at a car wash, it’s not exactly a “stealing bread for your family” situation.

Then there’s the risk. It’s one thing getting caught in the act, but it’s another thing entirely filming yourself with your public TikTok handle with links to your Instagram, Cashapp, and SnapChat. Are you even using that grey matter between your ears?

Just pay for your car washes like normal people, kids.

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