It looks like Nissan, Instagram, TikTok or LAX made him delete his posts

15 minutes of fame or living with you could’ve been the first the actual Nissan 400Z before the world get’s to see it? LAX Airport worker Brandon aka @LaidoutDC4 chose the former.

Earlier this week the automotive world got a closeup look, including a detailed walk around video, of two production ready 2022 Nissan 400Zs sitting, strapped down for receiving after it’s overseas flight, in the middle of a warehouse at Los Angeles International Airport.

Here are the videos and photos below.

Clearly, these cars weren’t meant to be seen by regular people just yet. Although we’ve already seen the near-production looking Nissan Proto Z, many were left wondering what would make it into production, but now we know.

The LAX cargo worker self-identified himself as Brandon with the Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube accounts both @LaidOutDC4. As his name suggests, he has a lowered and modified Acura Integra. His recent photos show he’s recently upgraded to a 10th gen Honda Civic Si, also heavily modified to his liking.

As mentioned, the original leaked photos and videos leaked onto Instagram and TikTok are long gone, deleted hours after going up. Here’s a screenshot saved on Twitter showing Brandon’s response if he’s going to get fired.

CastleDriveZ: “Aren’t you worried about getting fired?”
LaidOutDC4: “Nah, it’s in God’s hands now.”

LOL! What an absolute G. Brandon really took one for the team, getting these photos and videos out there for all of us to enjoy.

When asked on Tik Tok, “Where’s the Z video?” Brandon responded with, “They made me take it down.” Who “they” is has not been established.

More than likely you’ll see these exact 400Zs exchange hands among auto journalists and bloggers for their first impressions, their takes embargoed before Nissan officially debuts this 370Z successor.

But now the cat’s out of the bag, it sure has taken some surprise out of Nissan’s official launch. I’m sure someone in their PR department is pi**ed.

In a world where everyone has an HD camera on their phones at all times, it’s become increasingly harder for car companies to keep pre-production cars under wraps without leaks.

I guess fear of losing one’s job isn’t even enough to stop someone from leaking your property before you intend the world to see it first.

If you’re curious if Brandon keeps his job, check back soon as I’ll ask him on Tik Tok in a few days. If I forget, comment down below and I’ll update this blog post accordingly.



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