A crisp polo, jean shorts, White New Balance shoes and their ‘Vette. But, why?

You’ve probably seen the memes surrounding the stereotype of Chevrolet Corvette owners and white New Balance Sneakers. Although there’s no official Corvette dress code, said White New Balances are synonymous with Corvette owners for a handful of logical reasons.

First, it’s because New Balance is one of the older (founded in 1906) shoe companies that still make footwear in the United States. New Balance is proud to support manufacturing in America through its products, a selling point they hold on to (tenuously) today.

Ironically, since the late ’90s, New Balance shifted production overseas. However, their most popular shoes, typically over $100, like the 990v5, are still made in the US of A. The affordable, white 608V5, once made stateside, is now made overseas.

While the C8 Corvette is doing its best to bring the average age of the Corvette owner down, the average Corvette driver is still about 60 years old. It’s around 60 where newly retired people realize all their disposable income is doing no good sitting in a bank, and it’s about time to pull the trigger on a $60,000 American sports car.

Which leads me to the most obvious reason Corvette owners choose New Balance, New Balance shoes are the go-to shoes for an affordable, unoffensive look that’s also super comfortable, all shoe-shopping habits characteristic of the Chevrolet Corvette demographic.

Take the 608v5 for example, you can get this shoe with sizes between 6.5 and 18. And not only is there a wide option, there are several levels of wide, accommodating even the widest of feet.

It’s so widely recognized (no pun intended) as comfortable that the medical community recommends them. The detail on the 608v5 reads, “Styles MX608WN5, MX608AW5, MX608AB5, and MX608WR5 are Medicare/HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.”

Typically, you can aksi stand and walk in New Balance shoes for hours. The 706V2 is literally the official walking shoe for the United States Postal Service.

As for white, car shows are a Spring, Summer, and Fall affair with warm weather calling for shorts. What better color shoe to match with jean or khaki shorts than white New Balance shoes? The typical Dad shoe in black looks like a work shoe, anyway.

An intersection of American-made products, comfortable footwear, and both products standing the test of time is what will make this Corvette trope last as long as both are still being made.

Source: Corvette Forum


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