If you drive these cars, you might be a major Cheug.

To keep you, my dear readers, in the loop, I came up with an unofficial list of cars that give off major cheugy vibes. According to Urban Dictionary and Refinery 29, cheugy is a new word coined in 2013 and popularized on TikTok to mean anything that is off trend. Key is this trend had to be once popular.

But it’s more nuanced than, “a trend that’s now unpopular.” Cheugy specifically targets trends once popular in middle school and highschool that fell out of fashion. As such, Cheugy is never one specific time period but changes depending on who’s using the term and who they’re addressing.

But, generally, Cheugy is a trend that fell out of style but still has a following today because said Cheugs are no longer in touch with, “what’s in.”

Still confused? Well, so am I.

Thankfully, some very in touch Gen Z’ers have social media accounts that highlight trends that are now cheugy, cars included.

After scrolling through some examples of Cheug, I’ve come up with a list of cars that give off major cheug vibes.

Hummer H2

According to @CheugLife, the Hummer H2 might be the definitive Cheug-mobile.

When introduced in 2003, Hummer H2s were popular. Mid-2000s was peak gigantic body-on-frame SUV and the Hummer H2 capitalized on the father of all macho off-road vehicles, the Humvee AKA the Hummer H1.

By making a consumer friendly Hummer, H2 owners can give off the bada** vibes of the Hummer H1 with all the convenience and creature comforts of a bog standard Chevrolet.

But today, the Hummer H2 is just plain uncool. Gas guzzling, non-hybrid, and a vehicular codpiece for compensating men, Hummer H2s give off major cheugy vibes.

Volkswagen New Beetle

Riding on the coattails of all things classic turned retro, still driving around, unironically, in a Volkswagen New Beetle is definitely cheugy.

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When the new Beetle dropped in 1997, it was admittedly cool. Sales peaked two years later and hung on until 2003 when production took a nosedive. Running long in the tooth, a second gen “New” Beetle dropped in 2011. Sporting a more sculpted and chiseled look, this new A5 Beetle has hints of being cheugy but sheds a lot of its peak-90s rounded retro looks.

Any modern Mini Cooper that isn’t the hardtop 2-door Mini Hatch.

I’m looking at you 4-door, Countryman, and Clubman.

Like the new Beetle, the Mini Hatch was a smashing sales hit and still remains relevant in its 2021 guise, mainly because it’s an iconic auto design that transcends trends.

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But, when Mini started slapping on two extra doors, added on a barn door out back, and tried to convert the Cooper design language into a crossover, it became apparent BMW was milking its iconic looks for all it’s worth. Mini became try hards and for that, the rest of their lineup has major cheugy vibes.

2003-2012 Maserati Quattroporte

When these Italian exotics were new, they were legitimately cool because A; they are Maseratis, the uncommon exotic, and B, they cost north of $100,000 (out of reach of “the poors.”)

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But now that the word’s out that depreciation hit the Quattroporte like a Mac Truck, they’re maintenance money drainers, and you can scoop one up for under $25,000, this Maserati’s lost some of its street cred.

And if you’re dailying one of these in, say, Meth-desto, Fresno or Stockton, you reek of try hard.

Chrysler 300

When these Bently-looking sedans “imported from Detroit” first came out, they were pretty cool for what they were, affordable muscle cars with a luxo-barge feel on a middle-class budget. Today, these Chrysler 300s look outdated and most ended up being colossal pieces of you know what.

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If you roll around in a 300, you “ain’t foolin’ nobody.”

Honorable mention- Stock Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Controversial, but I’m going to say it. GT-R R32s are getting a little cheugy. Now that everyone and their Mom can legally buy and register one from an importer, they’re almost everywhere in the modified car scene.

Once R32s reached the mid-West, you know these early Skylines, as a trend, peaked. Plus, the R33 and soon-to-be-importable R34 Skylines are the next hottest imports.

So, if you’re driving a stock Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, you might be a cheug.

What do you think of this list of Cheugy cars? Are there cars you would add? Disagree with any? Let me know in the comments!


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