Would it surprise you to learn WTF1 means two things?

If you’re a fan of Formula 1 chances are you’ve heard the of the site WTF1. Founded in 2010, the fan-focused motorsport brand headquarted in the UK has millions of followers all over social media including more than half a million on Youtube alone.

But, do you know what those letters and number stands for? Pestered on by fans and curious internet users, WTF1 staff actually spelled it out for the curious ones on their WTF1 Podcast in January 2019.

You can check out when they explain it here.

Don’t want to watch? Here’s the transcript.

Matt: “First, let’s clarify what WTF1 actually stands for.”

Tommy: So it’s who’s the fastest one but, I mean, realistically it’s just a funny name. I was like, WTF1, that’s funny. Then people very early on where like, “What’s WTF1 stand for?” Any comment on any post would be like, “What does WTF1 stand for?” They were so obsessed with it.

Matt: “We say it’s who’s the fastest one, but it’s a play, obviously, on other terms.

Tommy: “Exactly!”

Jess: “And it sticks in your head, which is great branding from you. Well done.”

Tommy: “Yeah, I did a master’s in branding…/s”

So, there you have it. While WTF1 technically stands for “Who’s the fastest one?” the brand creators admitted it also stands for “What the F1” or “What the F*** F1”

Company names with double meanings using a play on words are nothing new and is a clever way, as Jess hints at, to stick in your head. Consider this construction company in on their own joke.

And if you’re lucky to live near lots of Vietnamese restaurants, invariably you’ll come across several Pho Kings.

Did you know what WTF1 stands for? Know any other company names with double entendres? Let me know in the comments below.

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