The FK8 is officially Honda’s most successful Type R model this far…by a lot.

The Honda Civic Type R went through 20 years and five generations of progress before landing on U.S. shores. Considered thee hot hatch which manufacturers benchmark all other hatches, United States Honda fans felt shortchanged.

The FK8 Honda Civic Type R changed all that.

Honda Civic Type R
2017 Honda Civic Type R

Now that we’re on the cusp of a new Type R and with dealerships still throwing on added dealer markups, how many Honda Civic Type Rs did Honda end up producing?

According to Honda Pro Jason, Honda will end up producing 48,000 Honda Civic Type Rs for the global market by the end of its production run.

This is including the LE Limited Editions.

Current data points is the largest list of FK8 Honda Civic Type R owners anywhere. As of this writing, FK8 serial #45,200 is a 2021 Honda Civic Type R in Sonic Grey Pearl.

A call to find the highest serial number on a Facebook post from Honda Pro Jason has a 2021 Honda Civic Type R in Racing Blue Pearl with serial plate #46,606.

Someone in the comments also claims to have seen a handful of serial plates in the 47,200 range.

With four months left in 2021, it’s safe to assume what Honda Pro Jason said is correct. Honda will wrap up production around 48,000 before the 5th iteration of the Honda Civic Type R drops.

To put that into context, Honda made just 16,000 EK9 Honda Civic Type Rs, the progenitor of the Type R lineup.

Are Honda Civic Type R serial plates sequential?

A lengthy and exhaustive bit of research by member TinyMan392 revealed, while Honda Civic Type R serial plates are made sequentially, Honda produces them in batches of 8,000.

Serial plate numbers are assigned at random, pulled by production from a larger bin.

When badge numbers run low, Honda orders another run of 8,000.

How many FK8 Honda Civic Type Rs were sold in the United States?

Honda has not released official numbers but, we can make an educated guess.

A member in the know snagged the first 17 months of sales numbers for US Civic Type Rs.

Civic Type R US sales 2017 2018

If we take out the first month as an outlier and assume the sales rate stays about the same, we can assume US dealers sell 344 Civic Type Rs a month.

Honda will end up selling 19,302 Honda Civic Type Rs in the United States by the end of 2021.

I’ll update my estimates as I get more hard data.

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