The power of the internet proves you can reunite with your lost tools even after you drop it in a truck you’ll never see again.

2017+ Ford Super Duty Facebook group member Sarah Hyland took delivery of a 2021 Ford F-250 Crew Cab recently and had something strange roll out from under her seat.

According to a photo she shared in the group, it was a 10 mm socket she’d never seen before.

Surprisingly enough, Sean Valentine, a fellow group member, claimed that Hyland’s found 10mm socket was his, and he had “the receipts” to prove it.

Check out a copy of Hyland’s post below.

Valentine is presumably an assembly line worker at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Assembly plant in Louisville. This assembly plant is home to not only Super Duty but Expedition and Lincoln Navigator.

Anyone familiar with assembly line work knows how demanding it can be. Although workers can stop the line for serious problems, minor issues, like this lost socket, are up to the worker to make a judgement call.

Among the deafening sounds of hundreds of trucks being assembled, I don’t think Valentine even knew he lost his 10 mm until it was too late.

As Valentine shows, his sockets are painted yellow “So I can find them easier” and, as proof Hyland’s is his, he included a shot of his socket set, one 10 mm with yellow paint missing.

Apparently Valentine told Hyland she can keep the lost 10mm as a keepsake of sorts.

On top of a new socket, Hyland will have one heck of a story to share.

As of this writing, I applied to be a group member to find out anymore interesting tidbits and to answer some Qs.

For one, I wonder where this socket was wedged. If it was rolling around like I imagine it would, quality control would’ve surely caught it.

10mm sockets have had a poor reputation for getting lost since wrenching on cars was a thing, so it’s nice to come across stories of sockets reuniting with owners as epic as this one.

Have you found a socket or other days after losing it in such a remarkable fashion? Let me know in the comments below.

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