Here’s are the exact addresses of Emelia Hartford’s Billboards.

If there’s any life milestone where you can legit say, “I’ve made it” it’s getting giant billboards (that you didn’t pay for,) of yourself all over Los Angeles.

Car enthusiast, influencer, and current owner of the fastest C8 Corvette in the world, Emelia Hartford, shared on Instagram that Motul USA bought multiple billboards and is featuring her and her C8 in a national ad campaign.

Hartford’s latest West Hollywood billboard is above the Saddle Ranch Restaurant. The address is 8371 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. This one was put on around August 23.

And Hartford’s first West Hollywood Motul Billboard was at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and Sweetzer Ave. The address is 8289 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046. Motul put this one up around August 4.

Billboard advertisements typically run for four weeks, so plan your billboard spotting accordingly

Motul USA recently partnered with Hartford as a brand ambassador, part of their #PoweredByMotul National brand campaign.

Hartford mentions,

Motul shared with me that since announcing our partnership they’ve seen a 4000% increase in Instagram traffic and the highest engagement to date!!

That is seriously impressive considering Motul is one of the best known car and motorcycle lubricants partnering with Motorsport stars like Roland Sands Designs, the Redbull Drift Brothers, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

Hartford’s Billboard boldly claims that she’s got the “World’s fastest new generation Corvette” and, at the time her billboards went up, it’s true.

Hartford recently ran a 9.418 second quarter mile at 144.84 MPH making it the fastest C8 down the 1320 to date.

Hartford’s since lowered that to an unofficial 9.36.

It’s a noteworthy accomplishment considering how GM infamously claimed they’d make their LT2s hard to tune. Hartford’s twin-turbo C8 makes at least 1,022 HP.

Since this is a national campaign, Hartford will probably have her C8 grace other ad spaces in other big U.S. cities.

As I find out about them, I’ll update this post accordingly.

Have you seen Hartford’s billboards? Let me know in the comments below.


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