This Tesla Model 3 owner showed a masterclass in poor decision making.

Dashcam footage submitted to Robs Autos shows a dashcam owner street racing a Tesla Model 3 on Serramonte Auto Row in Colma, Calif that ends with the Model 3 sideswiping a Subaru.

Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but check out the dashcam footage for yourself below (mirror here.)

According to Robs Autos,

“I am not the driver. I was sent the following footage of a car crash that happened in Colma, CA from a small street race by the Colma Target. I do not know who the drivers are.”

While they both decided to street race, the Tesla Model 3 driver was the clear instigator,

Hearing the car next to him revving, he says,

“All that noise for nothing? Let’s see what you got! Cmon man, all that noise for nothing or what?”

The dashcam owner, equally at fault, is at least aware this isn’t the smartest place to street race.

“Right here?

“Let’s do it, let’s do it up there. It’s not really safe to launch it. I mean, the road’s right next to it. (Serramonte Auto Row)”

The Tesla Model 3 owner backs away from a race when the dashcam owner calls his bluff, mentioning he has to go to Tesla for service

Despite his apprehensions, he, probably like a lot of Tesla owners, thinks this race is a cakewalk.

Here’s a screenshot of Google Maps. The yellow star is where the video starts off, the red line is where they roll raced before prematurely ending the race in a crash, and the building in that blue square is Colma PD HQ.

Here’s another shot of how close the crash was from Colma’s Police station.

Unrelated, but there’s also acres of cemetery surrounding Serramonte Blvd. on either side as an overall life reminder that life’s too short to take unnecessary risks.

Like most busy auto rows, cars are merging in and out of dealerships at all hours.

After the race is pretty much over, both are still travelling too fast for conditions.

A Subaru up ahead starts an improper left turn out out of the dealership and stops halfway, blocking an entire lane.

The Tesla driver swerves out of the way and assumes the Subaru will not continue forward. The Subaru panics and inches up, causing the Tesla to clip his front at a high-rate of speed.

Check out the damage both suffered below.

That Subaru is definitely salvaged, headed to the wrecking yard.

The Tesla Model 3 looks repairable, but it’s going to take a lot of money, parts, and labor to get back on the road.

This dash cam footage was likely obtained by the Subaru driver’s insurance and will be used by police to cite their client for a possible moving violation (not giving enough space, turning,) and the Tesla Model 3 driver and dash cam owner for street racing.

Deciding to street race and take a chance on a busy street is such a bonehead move.

Keep your shenanigans off the street!

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