If you need a video to give those lazy auto techs a kick in the pants to pay attention at all times, this is a good one.

Some auto work like oil changes, tire rotations and pre-delivery inspections can get so routine it might tempt you to go on autopilot and mentally clock out.

This video shows a good reason not too.

Video posted (and later deleted) by a someone who works at a Toyota service center earlier this week on the “Camrys in predicaments” Facebook group shows an auto tech, not paying attention, drop a brand-new Toyota Camry several feet off a mid-rise scissor lift.

Check out the video below (mirror here.)

I can tell it’s a brand-new Camry because of the fresh window stickers.

We see our auto tech, presumably finished with his PDI, begin to lower that 2021 Toyota Camry to the ground. Red flag number one, he’s simply not paying attention, only quickly glancing over during the start of the lowering process.

As our informal narrator points out, “The other side didn’t unlock.”

Like all lifts: two, four, in-ground, and mid-rise lifts, there are safety locking mechanisms you have to physically unlock before lowering. This auto tech didn’t fully unlock one side.

While newer lifts might have sensors and alarms to prevent this type of thing from happening, a lot of shops still have older, more basic mid-rise scissor lifts without such backups.

That’s why, regardless of backups, you should always pay 100 percent attention to the task at hand.

Even an excellent technician has his off days and can mistakenly not unlock one side. But, if he gets in the habit of paying attention, he’d catch this colossal mistake.

This dealership will now have to repair any damage done to the chassis, suspension, and body, eating into any potential profit.

That auto tech was probably let go the same day.

In the no-holds-barred world of working on cars, there’s little, if any, room for mistakes.

Safety and getting into good safety habits, like paying attention at all times, is key for any auto tech and service garage’s culture of success.


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