Witnesses spotted the stolen NSX several times in the days leading up to the police chase.

Photographer, car enthusiast, and Bay Area resident Jerry Yee shared a sobering update after informing his friends and followers that someone had stolen his 1991 Acura NSX from a secured Parkmerced parking garage in San Francisco.

According to an Instagram post earlier yesterday, Yee initially informed us police found his NSX, damaged, after an alleged chase with police.

After speaking with a detective, they informed Yee the crash was due to the idi** thief speeding, no chase involved.

Here’s his latest update below.

According to Yee’s post history on NSX Prime’s Facebook group, Yee was closing in on his fifth month of NSX ownership.

On August 25, Yee reported his NSX was missing from his San Francisco residential parking garage.

When asked how they managed to do this Yee commented,

I have no idea. But I parked it in my residential indoor carport that needed keys to get in. They were able to get inside I guess.”

Whoever stole his NSX returned to the scene of the crime the same day.

Four days later, sightings from witnesses started rolling in, the NSX spotted on I-280,I-80, and I-580 all within in the East Bay area and at least one sighting in the El Cerrito/Berkely city vicinity.

We can clearly see the pair enjoying themselves, the lady driver even smoking a cigarette while driving.

Less than a week later we learned the ultimate fate of the NSX, located but wrecked.

Yee does not give many details about the chase or accident.

Photos show a totally wiped out front end. Even for regular cars with this much damage, most end up in the wrecking yard, the total amount to properly repair worth more than the car is.

With an all-aluminum chassis, the likelihood of this JDM supercar being salvaged for parts is, unfortunately, even more likely.

In Instagram comments Yee says this NSX is properly insured, he’s working out the details with his insurance provider and that they’ll cover damages (total amount to be determined.)

Properly charged, Grand Theft Auto crimes are punishable by up to $10,000 and three years in jail, depending on prior arrests and value of the vehicle stolen.

Assuming this suspect is charged accordingly, the prosecutors will be keen to hear if the agreed upon value to insurance of this NSX is greater than $65,000, the limit which determines an additional year of jail towards that three-year maximum.

For now, lots of questions remain. How did they gain access to that parking garage? Does the parking garage bear any responsibility? And how will the local court system dole out justice accordingly?

It’s still too early but, with whatever money in damages recovered, I hope Yee finds his way into another NSX soon. It’s an amazing car I’m sure he formed many significant memories with in his short time of ownership.

As an aside, Yee proudly rocked a “We are student drivers” bumper sticker, part of “The Student Driver” automotive lifestyle brand pioneered by actors Sung Kang and Daniel Wu.

Kang and Wu’s social media team reached out to Yee, offering their condolences, good vibes, and a new replacement sticker for Yee’s next NSX.

I’ll update this blog post as I find out more details.


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