Here’s the latest on whether the 2021 LA Auto Show is cancelled or not.

While 2020 saw the LA Auto Show cancelled, 2021 is shaping up to be slightly better.

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Thanks to loosening of restrictions, as of this writing, the 2021 LA Auto Show is not cancelled and is scheduled to open to the public, as planned, November 19-28.

There are COVID-related stipulations LA Auto Show exhibitors and attendees will probably have to follow.

Keen eyes will notice a new “Health and Safety” section on the Los Angeles Auto Show’s main page.

According to the show’s organizers,

“The LA Auto Show will be operated in full accordance with all safety protocols required by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.”

“Official guidelines will be provided to all ticket holders in November.”

Despite most Los Angeles residents receiving at least one vaccination shot, a variant-induced surge and cooler weather returning does not bode well for so-called indoor mega events (let alone regular indoor events.)

On August 23, Los Angeles updated its Public Health Order with important information for indoor mega event participants.

  • Beginning Sept 20,2021, all attendees at Indoor Mega Events involving 1,000 or more persons must, prior to entry, show verification of COVID-19 vaccination status or a negative (diagnostic) test result.
  • Clarifies that for all indoor Mega Events scheduled on or after September 20,2021, self-attestation is no longer permitted method for vaccine verification or verification of negative COVID-19 test.

The L.A. Auto Show is after Sept 20 and has historically had over 20,000 attendees, so this updated health order definitely applies.

It’s unofficial at this point but, to enter the 2021 LA Auto Show, you probably will have to show proof of vaccination or a Negative COVID test and you can’t just verbally tell the COVID screener, “I’m OK, I don’t have COVID-19,” “I have a negative COVID-19 test, I just don’t have it on me” or a variation of either to the same effect.

For car manufactures planning to attend, it would behoove you if you haven’t already, to strongly recommend to your team to get vaccinated or have a plan to get a COVID test result 72 hours before you fly/drive into Los Angeles.

For attendees, it’s the same advice to you, friends and family planning to attend. As the LA Motor Show is a Thanksgiving weekend tradition, being unvaccinated or not having a negative COVID test means you’ll have to stay home.

Refunds if 2021 LA Auto Show is cancelled

According to their FAQ,

If the 2021 LA Auto Show is cancelled due to a government order or declaration of Public Health Emergency by the State or County due to COVID-19, you are entitled to a refund of the amount paid to LA Auto Show within 60 days of that cancellation. 

And, if you unfortunately test positive, you can receive a refund if you send a request to before Nov 28 with proof of a positive test. Details on that are in the FAQ linked here.

Other manufacturers already have back up plans

While Fisker Ocean EV Racing plans to attend the LA Auto Show, when Henrik Fisker was asked what his plans were considering a cancellation, he responded,

I also blogged about the possibility that Acura shifted a potential unveil from the LA Auto Show to the nearby Radwood event since it’s an outdoor thing instead.

While it’s trending towards us having a 2021 LA Auto Show, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a back-up plan.

I’ll update this blog post as the situation changes.

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