A post from the “City of Bakersfield, CA City Hall” Facebook page says there’s a good chance.

A Facebook post from the self-proclaimed “City of Bakersfield, CA City Hall” went viral this week after announcing city commissioners were working on making street racing legal on certain days and locations.

The post further explains this would “give the youth something fun to do” and “will be a fun and safe activity for kids of all ages.

Despite a bold and experimental approach to curbing illegal street racing, I can confirm that no, street racing is not legal on certain days in Bakersfield.

Here’s the post below if you’d still like to get a kick out of it.

Since the post’s been up, it’s been shared over 3,500 times garnering over 380 comments.

It was so viral that a good friend I haven’t seen in years even sent it to me on Instagram.

Facebook users smart enough to hover over the page description will see that this is a satire page, description reading “Welcome to the City of Bakersfield Office Satire page. Every post is false with dark humor.”

The official and real Bakersfield Facebook page is linked here.

I guess someone took it seriously and asked the city because the page posted up a not-so-satirical update saying the so-called commissioners voted no.

According to Shouse California Law Group, Street racing, aka speed contests, are still a serious crime that’s charged as a misdemeanor and punishable with up to 90 days in county jail and a maximum $1,000 fine.

Repeat offenders suffer the same fines but also get a mandatory driver’s license suspension for six months.

Furthermore, police are within their right, as they often do to street racers, to impound cars for 30-days without blinking an eye.

Less than a month ago CHP partnered with local Kern County law enforcement in a street racing sting that saw over 11 cars hauled away.

Compared to the rest of the jority of U.S. cities, you really have no excuse to street race in Bakersfield. You’ve got both the Famoso Drag Strip and Buttonwillow less than half an hour away with Streets Of Willow just a little further.

Keep it off the street or suffer the consequences.

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