If you need another reason not to like the former Sec Treas, add this to your list.

If you drive an attention grabbing car (especially a Porsche) in Brentwood L.A. and think you can flaunt your disregard for parking lot rules without getting caught, think again.

Writer, comedian and all-around car enthusiast Spike Feresten was not phased calling out former Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin for taking up a disabled parking spot in his Porsche Taycan somewhere near his Brentwood neighborhood earlier this week.

Check out the incriminating photo and caption below.

Feresten, if you didn’t already know, is a bonafide Porschephile. If Mnuchin was in any other car, Feresten would’ve probably not taken a second look.

Despite the electric Porsche, with Mnuchin’s signature dark-rimmed specs and known to be lurking the L.A. area after escaping the public eye, anyone with half a brain in politics could spot that it was indeed Trump’s Sec Treas in the driver’s seat.

Mnuchin’s been in the news as of late for selling off his 12-room duplex Park Avenue Duplex for $22.5 million.

Since serving as Sec Treas, Mnuchin’s moved west to his primary 22,700-square foot house in Bel Air where Louse Linton, his current wife, has been living in since 217 marriage.

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Taking up a disabled parking spot as a non-disabled person is an infraction of CVC 22507.8 which carries a fine between $250-500 (aka spare change for someone like Mnuchin.)

And yes, under CVC 22953, private property owners (and presumably ordinary citizens) can report violators of 22507.8 to get offending vehicles towed immediately.

Disabled parking spots and cross-lined areas on either side are ADA-required spots placed for the benefit and convenience of disabled people.

Taking up spots meant for disabled people creates an added inconvenience they really can do without.

If Mnuchin’s been spotted once for parking in a disabled parking spot, it’s safe to assume he’s done it before and has no problem doing it again.

Hopefully, a brave-enough property owner will call him out or a tow truck catches Mnuchin in the act the next time he pulls into a disabled parking spot.

Just because you were once fifth in the United States presidential line of succession doesn’t put you above the law, especially now that you’re just a private citizen.

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  1. I’m intelligent enough to look at this picture and think I might want a bit more info/other angles to determine if this is exactly as painted. Certain there is a handicapped image on the ground, but based on the context here, the cars position over it in relation to any normal parking stall, etc, this looks more like a momentary stop to send a text, check directions, etc, versus someone parking and walking away with malice.

    Might be convenient to pile on because of who’s administration he served in, but that doesn’t dismiss a need for a higher standard of proof. Tired of conveniently times photos trying to make anyone out there look like the devil.


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