Her comments section did not turn out the way she thought it would.

Makeup artist and self-proclaimed master multi-tasker @annette_freckles decided last week to upload videos bragging how she skillfully does her full makeup routine while driving.

The series, titled, “16 years doing makeup in my car” shows a mostly barefaced-to-makeup’d @annette_freckles condensing her full makeup routine into less than 15-seconds.

While we can’t see her speedometer, many of her 12 videos (so far) show her car travelling what looks like highway speeds. Viewers can see cars trailing her, semis travelling in other lanes, and shadows passing at high-speed showing she isn’t multi-tasking around town.

Here are a handful of her videos, still up on TikTok below. Just in case those go down, here’s a mirror.


Ride with me ##carselfie ##carmua ##lighting ##mua ##BillboardNXT ##FlauntItChallenge ##CandyCrushAllStars

♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

Car MUA ##mua ##carselfie ##carride ##BillboardNXT ##CandyCrushAllStars ##FlauntItChallenge ##terkacosmetics

♬ original sound – Bye

The comments section, as you can imagine, turned pretty negative quickly, several TikTokers calling her out for how irresponsible and dangerous this is despite her supposed skill and experience.

She’s since turned off all comments.

TikTok eventually placed a “The action in this video could result in serious injury” warning on all her videos.

Her videos eventually made its way to Reddit’s /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit where, after a day, the thread was locked as comments became repetitive and unproductive.

Redditor amaraame commented,

“16 years of endangering other’s so i can sleep an extra 15 minutes.”

Redditor jellyschoormarm shared a sobering yet poignant anecdote,

“My friend’s mom was an accident investigator. She always said never do your makeup while driving because she saw a woman who died when her eyeliner stabbed her in the brain in a car accident. It was a minor fender bender where the airbag went off but because she was f—–g around she died.”

Annette_freckles has since backtracked from her previous vids, her latest one titled, “16 years doing makeup while parked (suuuuure.)”

It’s not clear if she’ll continue uploading makeup vids from her car but, if the comments and backlash are any indication, I’ll be surprised if she does.

Driving, if you didn’t already get the hint, requires your undivided attention. It’s one thing to grab a sip of coffee from your travel mug or turn up the volume, but to perform a full-on makeup routine that requires multiple steps and precision while driving is downright irresponsible.

I don’t know how people don’t realize they’re travelling in a metal cage at 60 MPH and the forces involved in that. It’s a modern day miracle crash victims often emerge unscathed.

Granted, some people get so used to their commute and routine that, over time, they get adept at what they do. Regardless, driving is rarely routine and variables beyond your control pop-up when you least expect it.

If you do makeup in your car, please stop. Wake-up earlier and enjoy a more peaceful commute knowing you can pay attention for once.

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