It’s a political joke with little basis in fact and a coping mechanism to deal with high gas prices

If you’ve pumped gas anytime in 2021 you’ve probably noticed how much more you’re paying compared to last year.

And a few of you’ve might see a funny little sticker of Joe Biden placed on gas pumps, Biden often pointing at the price of gas or your total.

The two trends, if you haven’t figured it out, are related, but it’s not what you think.

Here’s an example below.

Republicans seem to get a kick out of it, too.

It’s popular, as of late, to blame Joe Biden for everything, whether it’s related to COVID, inflation, supply chain issues, and now, the rising price of gas.

Under President Trump, the United States became a net exporter of oil for the first time since 1949.

Trump was also a supporter of the Keystone Pipeline XL and US’s fossil fuel and coal industry. Despite opposition from Native American Tribes, which the pipeline would run through their native lands posing localized environmental hazards and health risks if issues arise, Trump sold the promise of thousands of new jobs and a decreased dependence on foreign oil.

In comes Biden.

During his Presidential run, a key party issue Biden promised and delivered on was to reverse Trump’s earlier reversal of Obama not approving a permit for the Keystone Pipeline XL.

And, in response to an over supply of oil and low demand because of a decreased demand from the American consumer, American oil production and refining plummeted.

Now that gas prices are up, Americans are incorrectly correlating the two, if Trump was still in office we would still be a net exporter and wouldn’t have high gas prices.

Thanks a lot, Biden.

But as Mark Finley, an energy markets analyst for 35 years and a fellow for Rice University’s Center for Energy studies points out in his article with USA Today’s fact checkers.

The primary reason for this drop in crude oil prices was the pandemic. The pandemic drove the world’s oil market to become massively oversupplied, inventory dramatically increased and prices collapsed

In response to the low demand, major oil-producing countries cut down on their own oil production.

But the cut meant oil producers weren’t ready to meet the demand for crude oil once it renewed this year thanks to easing of COVID-19-related restrictions.

Now that increased demand is up thanks to easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, suppliers, and refineries, are racing to meet demand, both raising the price for a barrel of crude oil and, as a result, the price of gas.

Price of gas and oil from 2011-2021

And, it’s true, the United States was a net exporter of oil in 2020. But, was it because of Trump?

According Robert Rapier, a chemical engineer and energy analyst for 25 years, digging into why the United States ended up being a net exporter last year,

“Who is responsible for what was — at least before the Covid-19 pandemic — the highest oil and natural gas production in U.S. history? Obama? Bush? Trump?” Rapier asks.

None of the above. The person most responsible is the late George Mitchell…the “Father of Fracking.” It was hydraulic fracturing that enabled the enormous growth rates of oil and natural gas production over the past 15 years. Who was president was largely irrelevant.”

Rapier concludes,

“Giving credit to any president misses the most fundamental underlying reason for the gains in U.S. oil and natural gas production.”

“But, we would’ve had a cheaper supply of readily available gas if we had the Keystone Pipeline XL!” The sticker placers and Facebook commenters would say.

But would we?

It took two years to build Phase 1 of the Keystone Pipeline. How would a pipeline extension, not even built and in operation, lower gas prices today?

As for how much control Biden has over how much our American oil producers extract and refine, it’s, according to Clark Williams-Derry, an energy finance analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, not up to president Biden, but largely up to the price of crude oil and the American investor.

2020’s oversupply of oil, although great for regular Americans at the pump, meant weak returns for energy partners.

“Less oil, more cash in hand, explains NPR’s Camila Domonoske

“That is what oil financiers are demanding. In response, (American) executives are vowing they’ll be responsible, and focus on profits over oil.”

Contrary to popular belief, American oil companies do not have your best interests in mind.

Oil producers and investors are actually enjoying high gas prices and see no reason to produce more, allowing the United States to become a net exporter of oil again, if it will result in overall less shareholder earnings.

William-Derry’s conclusion also aligns with Rapier’s, that Biden and his administration have little control over supply-side economics.

“Anybody who blames a politician for high prices is ignoring basic market dynamics,” concludes Williams-Derry .

Regarding Biden’s other oil-related actions taken by his administration, it’s true they will affect the outlook for fossil fuel energies, but that’s a long-term effect we have yet to see.

Blaming Biden, by cheekily placing stickers on gas pumps, isn’t really doing anything.

It is, however, pointing out your ignorance about supply and demand.

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  1. The Biden affect is in fact happening now. People are questioning why oil companies are not producing more oil to increase supply. After this engineered shutdown (more popularly called a pandemic) the oil companies had to shut down much of their infrastructure. Knowing what Biden and the greenies are about to put in place, they are too gun shy to ramp up production again, thus less supply to meet the demand. So it is totally disingenuous to say Biden has nothing to do with it. The proof is to gat Trump back in office. Bad tweets may get a few people upset, but at least our cost of living will be “livable” and not like a population reduction scheme.

  2. Compared to last year? How about compared to the last 21 years lol talk about disingenuous. I’m not even a republican and even I can see how one sided this liberal Democrat “article” is. Specifically not explaining the actual facts. God you ppl hate trump so much you’ll root for anyone else no matter how bad they are. This guy is ruining the country and real Americans can see it! Now go call someone racist for not wanting to wear a mask. Pathetic!

  3. “It is, however, pointing out that you no little about the simple concept of supply and demand.” You KNOW little about English.

      • “If we had the pipeline, we, SOMEHOW, wouldn’t have high gas prices” lmao this clown uses the word “somehow” and doesn’t even understand HOW. Biden’s America, folks. Look at the condition of our country with Mr. Dementia in charge.

  4. I think you are the only person not able to add 2 and 2 Biden killed the pipeline gas goes up
    gas goes up everything that gets delivered,food lumber,and just about everything goes up
    wake up.

  5. If you look at the graph the writer presented, the lowest gas prices are when trump was in office. The whole time, not just during the “Plandemic.” EXCELLENT ARGUEMENT!

  6. The supposed Pandemic as you pointed out is driving the prices up. Biden and his ilk are stoking those fears, shutting business down, creating mandates and much more foolishness. Based on your own assessment and in light of the above, Biden and his ilk are absolutely responsible for these high gas prices.

  7. I love it when any person on this planet is willing to put out there in the public how utterly ignorant they are by writing an article blatantly pointing it out. Typically, it is every member of the big news organizations and the liberal/socialist groups who so it. The author of this article/propaganda should be proud of attempting to preach the party line. Good job mate…Go pick up your ruble for payment.

    • Feel free to reply with, as succinctly as you can, how exactly Biden is causing this short term increase in gas prices??? I invite any new commenters to do the same.

      Keep in mind gas prices are increasing almost everywhere else in the world. So, how exactly has Biden’s “disastrous” policies led to increased gas prices in the UK, France, India, Japan etc???

      • GAS PRICES WENT UP, DUE TO the American dollar and its absurdity, the petrodollars….. When t***p was in office we had oil security, other countries were scared of us and they knew we had a leader in office. Once biden took over, gas prices went up, IMMEDIATELY. This wasnt supply and demand, especially since barrels of oil were being given away only 6 months earlier. Once we got sleepy joe in, EVERY other country laughed at us and aren’t scared. We sold our country to China…. Ever hear of the P***n biden pipeline? This gave Russia more oil securities. Why would someone want to exchange their currency to Americas f***ulent FED money, when they don’t have too. The real problem is you swallowed you p***aganda and have no clue what your even talking about. But a liberal democrat that cannot see thru their own demise of ignorance. So now that people don’t need to exchange currency, to buy oil, the petrodollars has lost its value, driving up ALL cost in America. UK, FRANCE, INDIA AND JAPAN ARE all extensions of the UNITED STATES. just look at the coupe in France and remember the yellow v*** movement? Macron is just another O***a biden…. Japan has to bow to America right now due to its constitutional obligations with America. Biden also has pushed for mandatory v*****s and shutdowns for “c***d”…. Which he SAID he would never or could never do. BIDEN IS A L***, WAKE UP. BIDEN IS THE REASON oil prices are high. EXPLAIN THE PETRODOLLAR, WITHOUT ADMITING IT WASNT BIDEN’S FAULT.

      • 1. Joe Biden cancelled the keystone pipeline, which would have delivered additional oil to the refineries in the south.
        2. Joe Biden has banned development on federal lands.
        3. Joe Biden has cut leases to 4/5 years vs. 10. This has caused developers to not
        undertake the risk, as the payout may not be there.
        4. Joe Biden has blocked development / production in ANWR.
        5. Joe Biden, in conjunction with the fed/imf/blackrock has declared there will be no new funding for fossil fuel projects.
        6. Joe Biden has declared ‘net zero’ by 2050, signaling that new development will be wasteful spending.
        7. America is now producing 2 million barrels a month less than when trump was in office.
        8. I could keep going, but you sir, are ill informed.

          • Paulo, you really don’t understand the basics of economics. Investment decisions are made based on expectations, and biden has created expectations for less oil production during his tenure ever since the first debate. And he has followed thru even more aggressively than anyone expected, especially with reduced lease availability and much worsened lease economics. As a result, drillers have fewer opportunities to drill profitably even at current high prices. So supply has been effected immediately. And for global commodities like oil, even a 1% supply imbalance can drive prices higher or lower by 10%. The biden policies have caused American producers to reduce drilling such that production is about 14% lower than it was pre-bonehead biden, and global supply is 2% lower. Markets have done the rational thing by pushing up prices to allocate the limited supply of oil to those that value it the most.

            Economics is complicated, Paulo. You have a long way to go before you should speak publicly about economic issues.

          • Mike, these are not my opinions. I quoted Mark Finley an energy markets analyst for 35 y’s. There are countless, non-biased sources from actual experts who are smart enough not to blame Biden because, guess what? He has little to do with high gas prices right now.

            Don’t you think oil producers slowed production because, as I stated, no one was driving around as much and crude oil suppliers had no concrete timeline when this pandemic would resolve itself?

            Here’s another quote from U.S. Energy Administration Analyst (since 2013) Emily Geary,

            “In January 2020, U.S. crude oil production reached a peak of 12.8 million b/d. In March 2020, crude oil prices decreased because of the sudden drop in petroleum demand that resulted from the global response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The declining prices led crude oil operators to shut in wells and limit the number of wells brought online, lowering the output for the major oil-producing regions. In May, U.S. crude oil production reached its lowest average monthly volume for the year at 10.0 million b/d.”

            It’s hilarious watching the comments rolling in insisting it’s Biden with no sources and all biased conjecture.

      • This guy. Walks right through the border into the US. Writes an article. Thinks he’s a journalist finally living the American Dream.

      • Because we were energy independent. The #1 producer and of course prices go up if you cut that out and start buying crap from other countries. The pipeline was going to make our gas prices even cheaper once complete. But Biden would rather keep our enemies first instead of the American people. So blind you shouldn’t have a voice to mislead people.

  8. Simply put, your analysis fails to take into account that oil, and resultingly, gas prices, are dependent on a market that bids in “futures.” The market is responding to the future of the U.S. no longer being energy independent. We attained independence, and exporter status in energy, during the Trump years, everything Biden/Obama 2.0 has done, regarding ANWR, Keystone, exploration and development on Federal lands, rejoining the “climate change” debacles, makes the U.S. more dependent on foreign oil, and “alternative energy,” the technology for which just is not there yet.

    • I won’t deny that Biden’s policies regarding drilling in N.America can’t have an affect on gas prices. Far from it, doubling down on alternative energies likely will.
      I’m talking about gas prices here and now. As mentioned in my previous comment, gas prices are rising everywhere around the world as countries go through the same economic growing pains opening up “post-pandemic.” How is what Biden is doing have any effect on gas prices in different countries?

  9. So your website doesnt allow us to respond to you…. EXPLAIN, the green new deal initiative and petrodollars….. When ***** was in office we had oil security, other countries were scared of us and they knew we had a leader in office. Once biden took over, gas prices went up, IMMEDIATELY. This wasn’t supply and demand, especially since barrels of oil were being given away only 6 months earlier. Once we got s****y joe in, EVERY other country laughed at us and aren’t scared. We sold our country to China…. Ever hear of the P***n biden pipeline? This gave Russia more oil securities. Why would someone want to exchange their currency to Americas f****ulent FED money, when they dont have too. The real problem is you swallowed you propaganda and have no clue what your even talking about. But a liberal democrat that cannot see thru their own demise of ignorance. So now that people don’t need to exchange currency, to buy oil, the petrodollars has lost its value, driving up ALL cost in America. UK, FRANCE, INDIA AND JAPAN ARE all extensions of the UNITED STATES. just look at the coupe in France and remember the yellow v*** movement? Macron is just another O***a biden…. Japan has to bow to America right now due to its constitutional obligations with America. Biden also has pushed for mandatory vaccines and shutdowns for “c***d”…. Which he SAID he would never or could never do. BIDEN IS A L***, WAKE UP. BIDEN IS THE REASON oil prices are high. EXPLAIN THE PETRODOLLAR, WITHOUT ADMITING IT WASNT BIDEN’S FAULT

  10. Biden sent out John Kerry to the investment banks and told them to stop financing carbon based investments in the future or face possible consequences. The Investment banks complied. Those same investment banks went long on oil futures and have raised the prices significantly. When a President attacks carbon, you know it will raise gasoline prices. I fully expect national gasoline prices to break $7/gallon due to the madman’s policies.

    Unfortunately, it appears the author didn’t have the complete picture before writing said article. To the author, you might want to start subscribing to substack and looking into non-corporate news sites. For starters, go to the Nov 24th address of John Kerry to the World Economic Forum.

    This link is about US States dealing with the Biden Admin threatening banks investing into Carbon based investments. This lead to a direct increase into gasoline prices.

    You can listen to John Kerry address the World Economic Forum, discussing again about attacking investment into Carbon:

    On Biden’s first month he cut leasing of oil and gas on Federal lands.

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you wrote this article out of ignorance and not malice. I suggest you retract the claim that Biden isn’t responsible for the rise in gasoline prices its just an increase in demand. And at the very least discuss Biden’s support of Great Reset Initiatives to attack Carbon as the primary cause of Gasoline price increases. Hence why you are seeing the stickers. The stickers are a campaign to wake up the American public to the FUD put out by the corporate press.

  11. This article is just another pathetic attempt to shift the focus and blame away from this good-for-nothing puppet administration and its feeble leader. Nice try. What else you got? #BRINGBACKT***P

  12. A bit of a narrow focus in this piece by only discussing the Keystone pipeline. The current admin has pulled a significant number of previously approved drilling permits, recently adding those in Alaska to the mix. They then went hat in hand to OPEC begging them to raise production. So, yes, when the sticker says “I did that” … Joe is right for a (rare) occasion.

  13. Fact checkers generally respond to claims no one, or almost no one, is making. Here too, the only claim I’ve heard regarding Biden & gas prices is that they’re higher because Biden has taken steps to limit new drilling and render that which does take place less profitable than before. Is it possible that covid played a role? Sure. But over time, there will be less drilling here, we will rely more on Russia and OPEC (hence his urgings that They drill more). Joe, like Obama, likes drilling outside the US. Higher gas prices over time? Joe did that.

  14. Wow. Paulo really has his head shoved up way up his *** which makes me confused on how he can possibly guzzle down all the leftist l***** juice this guy is surely drinking by the gallon.
    This is why people have no respect for these so called “journalists” or “reporters”.
    We were an oil exporter with Trump and just a few short weeks after Let’s Go Joe got into office he stopped the Keystone pipeline and stopped giving any licenses to drill on all federal lands.
    What a joke of an article written by someone who can’t even put two and two together.

    • Atta boy, John 👏👏👏 Why do you think U.S. refinery production fell in 2020? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not because of the two reasons you commented.

      • lockdown policies pushed by the cdc and fauci, duh. stop blaming a virus for the things humans did. you cant say my kid missed school because of covid when your the one that didnt take them because you where a scared lil baby

  15. Just wanted to comment that there are normal people who found your article and enjoyed your sense of humor and critical thought! Not just rabid zombies that seem hell-bent on killing themselves off, if not by the COVID, then by civil war. America’s enemies have truly succeeded in sending our society into disarray. Cheers.

  16. It was Biden who stopped fracking, offshore drilling and the construction of the pipeline needed for oil transport. This made us dependent on foreign oil. The Middle East wasted no time in raising prices. You can literally look at oil barrel prices on a candle stick chart go up when Biden started implementing his Build Back Better agenda. It is not a supply driven problem. Even during the pandemic in 2020, US oil production remained steady. It was Biden’s energy policy to halt large swaths of domestic energy production in favor of his “green” policies which ironically involve importing foreign oil on large oil tankers across the atlantic ocean which produces even more pollution than domestic production ever could. You are fundamentally and categorically wrong in your assessment of Biden’s administration. He is directly and incontrovertibly at fault for the high energy prices and you have exactly ZERO receipts to prove otherwise.

    • Oil is a globally-traded commodity, the United States does not operate in a bubble, and prices are up everywhere on earth. Ironic you ask for receipts when you provide none yourself, lol. I quoted Energy Analysts with decades of experience. What’s your credentials to so matter-of-factly blame Biden?

  17. If Obama had approved the Keystone pipeline when he had the chance it would have been completed by now. Biden was just being Obamas puppet and protecting his legacy.

  18. wow someone is salty about stickers… and another article that simplifies everything to DAS COVID durrr. if your right then its Fauci and the CDCs fault for the destructive lockdown policies they “suggested”

  19. Dude… listen to your following. When everyone but you disagrees it would be wise to reflect on your argument because you weren’t the smartest person on the planet before the article and you’re aren’t doing yourself a favor by defending it further. People don’t want to hear excuses. Price of gas was high during the Obama administration, immediately low during ALL if not most of Trumps administration then immediately high again right after Biden took office. No one cares WHY it’s high. EVERYONE cares why it isn’t being fixed. We want results. If democrats can’t give it to us then let someone else run. If my boss had a problem with me as an employee and I didn’t fix it he doesn’t care the list of reasons I have. He wants results or I’m fired. Not this whiny victim bs. Simple as that. If this is your way of defending poor job performance its pathetic and lazy. If high gas prices aren’t the democrats fault then THEIR JOB IS TO FIX IT!

  20. Paulo –

    You can always find “experts” to write articles that tell you anything a well-financed politician wants to be told. Add to that the Democrat-friendly big-tech industry that pumps up only one side of the story in the search engine results, while burying articls with opposing views, and what have you got? Propaganda!!! Common sense and logic will ALWAYS be more valuable than your “sources” from “experts”. Articles like this one that don’t pass the basic BS test are not the ones we should be reading.

  21. True journalists don’t argue with their readers. They don’t have to. You are a left wing troll. Everyone cover your eyes; Mr. Acoba’s liberalism is hanging out. Ever heard of “fair and balanced,” Mr. Acoba? Maybe there is no such thing in your country. A previous comment is spot on: gasoline and Diesel prices began their steady upward spiral literally the day after the fake president was sworn in. That has nothing to do with economics, marketing principles, worldwide conditions or anything else that you refer to. The prices started up OVERNIGHT on 20/21 January, 2021.

    • What charts are you looking at? The average price of gas was on a downward slope when Biden took office and dipped a further 60 cents until prices cratered in April.
      “That has nothing to do with economics, marketing principles, worldwide conditions….” lol Do you hear yourself??? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
      Close to 9,000 people have viewed this post thus far with about 40 so moved to leave a comment. That’s .004 percent. Sounds like you’re part of the tiiiiiny minority that can’t accept how gas prices really work.

    • I’m looking at my charts. I record the price of Diesel fuel (on road and off road) every time I buy it, because I buy a lot of it. I have to do this for tax purposes, but also to correct those who refer to “charts” and “government statistics” to make the feeble argument that Democrats don’t destroy everything they touch. For brevity’s sake, here are a few highlights and lowlights:

      On 19 January, 2021, I paid $1.99 for off road and $2.29 for on road. On 25 January, 2021, off road had jumped to $2.14 and on road increased to $2.39. On 10 February, 2021, I paid $2.29 for off road and $2.56 for on road. By 17 March, off road had climbed to $2.49 and on road to $2.70.

      So, after not quite two months of Let’s Go Brandon, off road increased from $1.99 to $2.49, and on road from $2.29 to $2.70. So stop lying about the veracity of my statements and accept the fact that these fuel price increases, along with increases in the prices of everything else, are directly tied to Creepy Joe and his destructive policies. I’m not interested in your charts, graphs and stupid liberal concepts. These figures are what I record weekly, and I have the pump receipts to prove it.

      By the way, I bought fuel yesterday, 29 November, and I paid $3.12 for off road and $3.60 for on road. So in 10 months of Democrat administration, the price of off road Diesel has increased from $1.99 under Trump to $3.12 under Biden – a $1.13 increase. On road has jumped from $2.29 to $3.60 – a $1.31 increase. So you can LOL all you want, and cling to the liberal lies all you want, but these prices are reality, whether you like it or not, and it all goes back one man.

      • I did not look up Diesel price charts, for that point I apologize, and you are correct, diesel prices (not gas) have steadily increased since pretty much November 2020. (

        When diesel prices eventually settle and drop to pre-pandemic levels, by your logic, feel free to thank the Biden administration since, according to your claim, they alone have the power to raise diesel prices seemingly overnight.

  22. My records prior to 2011 are archived, and not easily accessible, but the price range of off road Diesel I bought during the Trump administration (January, 2017, to January, 2021) was about 25 cents ($1.74 low to $1.99 high), and the price range of on road Diesel was about 27 cents ($2.27 low to $2.54 high). The one exception was immediately after the Iranian missile attack in September, 2019, when the price of both spiked for three months. A range of 25 cents and 27 cents over four years is a far cry from what the nation has experienced since 20 January, wouldn’t you say? Or can you bear to admit that?

    The most I have ever paid, at least since 2011, was $4.16 for on road and $3.90 for off road. That was in March, 2014. Who was in office at the time? Another stinking Democrat, Osama Obama. So don’t even pretend that this price gouging doesn’t come on directions from the White House. This is not my logic, this is documented fact. Liberals are deathly allergic to facts, which is why you continue to dispute what I write, but anyone who keeps careful records of motor vehicle fuel purchases is well aware of this phenomena. The fake president remarked that these price increases were “expected and temporary.” That was nine months ago. I suppose “temporary” in his feeble mind is the entire four years that he expects to be in office?

    Why have so few written in to contest your fake assertions and blame deflection? The “tiiiiiny minority?” One reason is because readers are too lazy to consult the historical record on fuel prices; another reason is that it serves little purpose to argue with people suffering from the mental disorder known collectively as liberalism. Facts don’t matter to them; they can only repeat what keeps reverberating out of the echo chamber in Washington.

    • I agree, the gas price increase jumped considerably over a short period of time.
      But, wouldn’t you agree that something else happened like ..oh….the pandemic? Or is that not in your reality either?
      Got another fact for you that you will not agree with, Trump had very little to do with your low gas prices during his administration! Shocking, I know.
      Ironic you think the far left is not concerned with facts yet you lovingly refer to our president (God bless Biden<3) as fake.
      And my blog post is supported by actual experts not an echo chamber and certainly not based off my own experience (sample size of one.)


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