Let’s get this pun out of the way, “She must be exhausted!”

Earlier today I was scrolling through the internet “and I found this!” It appears to be a grandma (or auntie) possibly in Hong Kong near Kowloon Bay carrying an entire Honda Civic Type R exhaust system on her shoulders.

Check out the photos below.

I first came across this photo on Facebook’s Subtle Asian Car’s group but it appears the original photo was first posted on HKGolden.com. This site has the photo in HD.

With a triple outlet tip, this is undeniably an FK8 Honda Civic Type R exhaust which weighs 39 pounds or around 17 kilograms with all the rubber hangers still attached.

Lugging that much weight is no small feat. For reference, 39 pounds is about how much medium sized sack of potatoes or a bag of fertilizer weighs.

Can you imagine walking several blocks home with that much weight on your shoulders? Then again Asian aunties are built different, they’re tough a.f.

I’d also like to point out she’s wearing a daggum mask!

If this auntie in slippers can wear a mask and lug a whole exhaust system for several blocks around Hong Kong without so much as breaking a sweat, you insufferable f***s in the United States can wear one grocery shopping for the five minutes it takes you to find your tub of hummus or tide pods to wash your T***p 2020 flag.

With no official story one popular theory include this auntie saw this Honda Civic Type R exhaust for sale, couldn’t pass up a deal, and is lugging it home to then sell for scrape metal.

The Civic Type R exhaust is made from high quality stainless steel and might be worth more melted down then on a Civic Type R.

If you didn’t already know since Hong Kong is, strictly speaking, an island roughly the size of New York, car ownership is a luxury lugged down by taxes and exorbitant parking fees ($640 a month on average.)

After taxes a used Honda Civic Type R goes for about $77,000, twice what we pay for a new one here.

There are probably not many Honda Civic Type R owners and not a lot of uses for stock FK8 exhausts once owners swap something lighter on.

Hence, better off as scrape which this auntie is taking advantage of.

Other theories include she’s buying this stock exhaust for her grandson and, since shipping is taking too long, would rather carry it home instead.

One thing’s for certain, this auntie’s a deadset legend.

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