And it was all caught on camera from multiple angles

Most road rage instigators get away with their actions, leaving their victims having to swallow their pride, take the higher road, and drive on, but not this time!

Hoonigan Brand Director Ron Baugh caught the epic, and downright legendary, bit of road rage turned instant karma on his dashcam when a driver in a Civic crashed seconds after throwing her drink at an Acura NSX in the other lane of the I-10E freeway in Pomona.

Check out the epic video on Baugh’s Instagram and afterwards click the right arrow to see the driver-facing camera POV.

As Baugh mentions he and his Hoonigan crew are heading to Las Vegas for SEMA. In order to get to I-15,that 3+ hour stretch of road leading to Sin City, you first must exit Los Angeles County and its notorious traffic.

Traffic isn’t bumper-to-bumper, but it’s going along at that annoying crawl.

Tensions are high, prime conditions for road rage.

In front of Baugh is his Hoonigan colleague Vinny Anatra in his Formula Red Acura NSX, a prime target for a rotten human to unleash a half-empty drink.

And unleash her drink she did, first whatever liquid was in her cup, then the cup itself.

“Some Karen in a Civic decided that @vin_tra NSX was just too clean and threw her drink at him,” Baugh said.

What happened next is the stuff of #InstantKarma legend.”

You can see Baugh’s reaction with a classic double-u tee eff?

But thankfully lady Karma reared her ugly head at that Civic driver, let him relish in his little “win” of throwing a drink at a shiny car and, in turn, making him lose concentration of the slowing cars in his lane.

A few seconds later, BAM!

The Civic driver slams into a Cadillac CTS.

No legendary karma goes unpunished as now that Cadillac driver now has to deal with a ruined day, an insurance claim, and possibly a salvaged car.

“I hate that it involved another innocent driver and I sincerely hope nobody was injured,” Baugh goes on to say.

“That s*** made my day, week, year. It was so gratifying to see the Universe reward stupid games with stupid prizes so instantaneously. S/O @blackvueofficial for making it possible to share this.”

Here’s Anatra’s NSX if you’re wondering.

Two takeaways here.

First, road rage is never as satisfactory as you think it’ll be. You’re left angry and increase your risks of crashing.

And finally, if you haven’t already, get a dashcam. They’re there documenting life’s little road rages and are recording when you need it the most, often, unfortunately, when you least expect it.

Baugh has a Blackvue.


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