This is basically corporates way of saying, “Let’s give these car enthusiasts a try.”

November 5 might be known as Guy Fawkes day but if car enthusiasts get this right and don’t screw it up, it just might become 7-11 car meet-up day.

A leaked internal memo (dubbed a 7Alert) to all stores went out earlier yesterday informing store managers their social media team is aware of a potential nationwide car meet happening on November 5 at 6 P.M., that this is an exciting opportunity, and they should prepare their stores accordingly.

Here’s the leaked memo below.

If you didn’t already know, a handful of random TikTokers decided November 5 at 6 P.M. would be a good time for a car meet. They, like many fans of 7-Eleven on social media, noticed 7-Eleven enjoys sharing tagged car photos. So, why not organize a car meet this coming Friday just because?


@7-Eleven get ready ? ##PradaBucketChallenge ##KFCSecretMenuHacks ##cartiktok ##carsoftiktok ##fyp ##7eleven

♬ Rockstar Nickelback Drill by Baba – Baba

“Our team has been informed that 7-Eleven social followers are planning a car meetup at 7-Eleven stores nationwide this Friday, November 5 at 6 P.M. in response to a viral trend,” the memo says.

While the car meetup is not a 7-Eleven sponsored event, it may be an exciting opportunity to drive customer traffic to stores and build excitement about the brand.”

Fellas, this is another chance to show your local community and law enforcement that we can have organized car meetups without drama.

7-Eleven parking lots are notoriously small and are meant for “in and out” type of traffic, so when you show up for the nationwide meetup, be courteous to other drivers.

If you have a couple bucks on top of your sock drawer, bring it, come hungry, and plan to spend some money on nachos and Swedish fish.

If these mini car meets are a success, it sets a foundation and some level of trust with your local store that “these car guys are OK” and will probably be more receptive to random meetups at their store, whenever.

If you’re bored on Friday, November 5, drive down to your local 7-Eleven at 6 P.M., park your ride, and chat it up with other fellow car enthusiasts.



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