It took a whole squad of police cars to safely lead this three-wheeled Corolla off Highway 101.

Asian advocacy page JackFroot shared several user-submitted videos and photos earlier last week showing our a San Jose man driving around Silicon Valley in his eighth gen Toyota Corolla, unbothered that his driver’s side rear wheel was missing.

It’s not that he didn’t notice, as he was caught during different times of the day, it’s that he simply didn’t care.

Check out the photos and videos for yourself below.

When I said he’s missing a wheel, it’s not one hundred percent true. Upon closer inspection the tire’s come off his steel wheel, the wheel still attached, lug nuts and all, to the hub assembly.

No one’s sure about this guy’s story or what happened to him after police corralled him off the 101 but Jackfroot follower and witness @el.terror21 mentions,

“Crazy, when I took a photo of him he looked confused why I was taking his photo. Dude was smoking all kinds of s***.”

As others pointed out, at least he had his mask on (under his chin.)

Driving around in an unsafe or unlawfully equipped vehicle is a violation of CVC 24002, an infraction that carries a $298 fine and one point on your driving record.

It also looks like this guy’s evading arrest, a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.

It’s worth noting this Corolla was probably assembled a few miles away at the Tesla car factory in Fremont, the home of the former NUMMI Toyota plant.

There’s a good chance most Corollas built before 2010 in that area come from NUMMI.

As Jackfroot’s post was also a caption contest, these are noteworthy.

“When she says she’s home alone.” – @tracygwonga

“When you forget to turn on the rice cooker.”– @Seoiljyu

“There’s a wheel, there’s a way.” -@drake_guo

“As long as I have my mask on , they can’t say s***.”– @eddytakespix

If you come across any updates on this strange, one-off Corolla moving violation before I update this post myself, let me know in the comments below.

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