The police did indeed catch him

Dickensheet, in conjunction with the Denver Police department, recently held an “Abandoned and Confiscated” vehicle auction, auctioning off close to 160 cars, trucks, and SUVs to the highest bidder.

Among the lot was a highly coveted 2008 Chevrolet Corvette (automatic) in dark purple with a set of Toyo Proxes slicks mounted on Welds Racing Wheels out back.

Photos show a busted out driver’s window, glass shards scattered in the driver’s foot well.

Bidding started at a conservative $450 but eventually garnered a $16,310 final bid, arguably a high bid considering this now 13-year-old car had an original MSRP of $45,995, this one probably not babied.

Can Police Commandeer Your Car?

Interestingly, on the rear side window is an Instagram handle. On the rear window is a #DaddysMoneyImDaddy and Pacman eating three Ford Mustangs decals.

Before the Instagram account went private, someone managed to screenshot this post where the owner boldly claimed, “Police ain’t catching me.”

Ironic seeing how the auction listing had this note.

“Seizure. Prohibited parties- Jason Allen Smith- nor anyone on their behalf may bid on or attempt to purchase vehicle.”

Here’s are a couple photos of this Corvette before police seized it on his friend’s Instagram accounts

It’s worth noting, I also came across this Corvette’s for sale listing from back in July. Although the listing is marked as sold, it’d stand to reason the new owner would remove his old decals so, I’m guessing, it never did.

Regardless, he lists the mods done to this Corvette and if tuned correctly, might make this LS3 auto as fast as a Z06. It’s no wonder this ‘Vette ended up in a lot of trouble.

One fast auto ‘Vette

Police seize vehicles for all sorts of reasons, including, but not limited to DUIs, unpaid parking tickets, street racing, and as evidence connected to a crime.

It’s not clear why this particular ZO6 was seized.

Auction records say it was impounded on Aug 21, 2021.

Two days later, Denver police shared this timely reminder.

Add that, plus this Z06’s street race setup, and I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.

Honestly, the timeline is pretty weird, the Corvette being seized in August and then him posting up his humblebrag in November (an old photo?)

Maybe he got it out of impound in August and recently got it impounded again?

All I know is he claimed police wouldn’t catch him yet, it went through a police sanctioned auction and is now owned by someone else.

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