If you constantly scrape in your daily, this might happen to you.

A member of the Acura TLX Owners & Enthusiasts (TLX squad) remastered Facebook group shared a couple of photos sent an actual Acura technician, showing happens when a first gen Acura TLX is lowered too much.

On his service rack is TLX with its front transfer case assembly literally scraped apart. Since there was no usable ride height left, a road anomaly caused his transfer case to make contact with the road.

Check out his photos below.

This TLX owner lowered his car too much!
rear view of front transfer case where drive shaft meets input shaft
broken front transfer case

Another Facebook group member provided a screenshot of what a new front transfer assembly would cost, $1802.58.

Add labor and this repair is going to be $2,000+ easy.

Since modifying your car negates your warranty, this TLX owner is paying for dealership work out of pocket.

TLXs like this have Super Handling AWD which, even when driving normally, is always sending a little power to the rear wheels. Damage to the front transfer case means forgoing any AWD capabilities until proper repairs are done.

It’s not clear how lowered this TLX was, but clearly it was too much for whatever his last drive was.

With no suspension travel left, the chances of damaging engine, transmission, and suspension components increases.

Even the tires, which normally absorb some energy and road harshness, are rubber band thin and stiff, transferring all energy off the road straight into the car’s chassis.

Damaging and breaking parts is not new and is a risk a lot of owners with lowered cars take.

Lowering sporty cars, like the Acura TLX, is aesthetically pleasing, removes that “ugly” wheel gap, and, when done correctly, improves handling.

Often the lowest point on a car’s engine, like an oil pan or transmission case, are the parts that get damaged as a result of lowering too much, resulting in vital lubrication and fluids leaking out.

If not caught soon enough, irreversible (and pricey) damage can occur.

Many TLX group members commented how “this is why bags are a thing.” While true, bags are expensive and carry their own set of problems.

For any car enthusiast who wants to lower their car, only they know how much they can realistically lower their ride before the likelihood of something like this happening is not a matter of if, but when.

If you live in an area where the roads are nice, this is a weekend cruiser, and you don’t encounter any speed bumps, lowering your car a lot is an option.

But, if you use your car as a daily, live in an area with rough roads, and absolutely need your car, it would behoove you to get a conservative drop.

Not considering what the majority of your drive’s look like can end up costing you, like this TLX owner, thousands.


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