The typical case of more money than brains

A video shared by Redditor AlloyCloud on the IdiotsInCars subreddit shows a Colorado Springs father making the harebrained decision to drive reckless with his son, almost hitting triple digit speeds in his Porsche 911 in a residential zone.

This Redditor also alleges, an opinion shared by the majority commenting, that both father and son were drunk at the time of the incident.

Check out the video for yourself below.

The video shared from social media comes from Colorado Springs-based Instagrammer @Masters824.

Another Redditor managed to identify the exact address and general location where @Masters824 filmed this masterclass in reckless driving.

“Pops is driving.” @Masters824 says.

“No good. He’s a f*****g psycho. Think I’m mad?”

As the video shows, the father almost hits 100 MPH in his Porsche 911.

Click here for a Porsche 911 speedometer as a reference.

The speed limit is 30 MPH on Broadmoor Bluffs Dr.

It looks like his Dad would’ve hit 100 MPH and beyond if he didn’t warn him to panic stop to avoid blowing through an intersection.

While braking, he swerves into a curb, damaging his front wheel, bumper, and most of that Porsche 911’s front end.

Here’s the exact location where he decides to panic brake on Google Maps.

And, when he gets back to his home, he almost backs into his own McLaren.

“Oh my gawd, he’s f***ed up.” @Masters824 says “Now you know where I got it from. This is the Pops.”

As the Reddit comments point out, while both Father and son exhibit behavior consistent with being under the influence, the only evidence this video provides is a record of the Dad’s reckless driving.

For any DUI or drunk driving related charges to actually stick, there usually has to be some kind of blood alcohol test done in a timely manner or a field sobriety test administered by a police officer with probable cause.

Regardless, driving almost three times the speed limit in a residential zone is never justifiable under any circumstances.

In Colorado, driving 25 MPH over the speed limit carries a maximum $1,000 fine and at least 10 days in jail.



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