Here’s why you might be paying almost 5x more buying one from

Scrolling around Facebook and I came across an ad for a Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner from Modern Vacuum Cleaners available for sale on their website at

Sleekly designed and capable, despite its small size according to their convincing demo videos, for $60, it seems like something worth buying if I was in the market for a handheld car vacuum.

Scrolling through, a 25% off coupon popped up so, with free shipping, in reality, I’d end up spending $45.

But, here’s why you should probably AVOID BUYING THIS VACUUM CLEANER!

Here’s the truth.

Someone is buying similar, if not the same handheld vacuum cleaner from China for a fraction of the price and up charging you, in this case, 5x more!

Want proof? Looking up “6000pa High-power Powerful Mini Vacuum Cleaner Two Colors Wired Car.” on Google brings up this listing from

Look familiar? It’s probably the same vacuum cleaner as the one from

I invite you to scroll through their gallery of photos, it looks exactly like the one they’re selling you.

Granted, Alibaba is meant for wholesale orders and, while you can technically buy 1 for $6, the shipping from China might be a lot.

Realistically, let’s say Modern Vacuum Dealers buys 500 units at $5.50, says shipping for that many is $1,651. Some quick maths and, for each vacuum, they’re paying $8.80.

It’s not bad for them considering, even though they’re also paying shipping, selling it to you for $45.

But, if you search for “car vacuum cleaner car home dual-use wireless handheld” on, this listing pops up. At $3.42, it’s even cheaper than Alibaba’s wholesale price.

This one from Wish even has 8000 pas (pascal pressure units, ) 2000 more than the one from Modern Vacuum Cleaners.

And if you look at this photo and this photo from Wish, they’re one and the same.

Since Wish is geared towards the American consumer, I can buy 1 at $3.42 plus $5.50 shipping. In total, you’ll end up spending $6.50, a lot cheaper than $45.

Modern Vacuum Cleaners isn’t even a month old

Another red flag is their site and Facebook page.

A quick look-up of when was registered on reveals this domain name became active on December 10, 2021.

Their Facebook page popped up a day later on Dec 11, 2021.

Do you think all their 77 reviews for their handheld vacuum are real or fake? You tell me!

Given how new their site is and how readily available similar, if not the same, product is available for wholesale, I’ll let you put two and two together.

In conclusion, you’re better off spending less than $7 for the one from because, if you buy the one from “Modern Vacuum Cleaners” you’re really buying a $45 vacuum that’s delivers, at best, a $7 vacuuming experience.

That goes for the rest of their products, look up the same one from


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