For revenge taken out on a cheater’s car, this is an outlier.

A woman managed to find out when and where her former lover was cheating, found out where he parked his Honda Accord, and exacted her revenge in a way the likes of which the internet has never seen before.

Instead of smashing this dude’s windows and destroying the Accord’s body panels beyond repair, she calmly but quickly, in washable paint pen, wrote out everything she knew all over the Accord in near perfect grammar and penmanship.

Check out the viral photos for yourself below.

The Black Honda Accord in question sports Pennsylvania plates (HRM 7668) and is plainly parked in front of a budget hotel.

Based on what she wrote, I’ll leave it up to your imagination what exactly he was doing while she wrote out her paint pen magnum opus.

  • “Hi, I’m Isaiah and I Cheat. Left my kids and said I would be working a 16 hour shift.”
  • “Spent my night in a hotel room while my wife was home thinking I was saving lives at SGMC.”
  • Lied to my kids on new years to go cheat 45 mins away.”
  • “SGMC Nurse that cheats”
  • “I am a Cheater =)”
  • “Dad of the year”
  • “I cheat and lie.”
  • “Welcome 2022”

Twitter investigators already put two and two together and figured out SGMC stands for South Georgia Medical Center.

“The handwriting is still beautiful.” Billynette Paige Evans said.

“I’m very impressed by the calm demeanor and handwriting” Juanita Elizabeth wrote. “She might be finished with him. Might be?”

“This handwriting scares me, you are livid and calm.” JP Powell added.

Here are my favorite responses from Twitter, the first one, one of the few putting blame where it belongs.

As many in the comments mention, the way she exacted her revenge shows she’s found peace with the situation, knows a divorce is on the table and, does not make things worse by destroying his property.

As most divorce proceedings go, she may end up with his Accord if her name is on the title, or she’s contributing to payments.

It’s a horrible start to 2022 for this woman and hopefully things start turning around for her, sooner rather than later.


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