Who was mostly at fault, here?

Youtuber Racerwong.Shooterwong shared dashcam footage earlier this week showing a Honda Accord crashing on the Palisades Interstate Parkway, flipping on its roof shortly after attempting to pass a Ford Raptor deliberately preventing the Accord from passing.

Watch the mayhem unfold below.

The crash happened right after Exit 4 on the PIP in Closter, New Jersey, just before the New York Border. Here’s the location on Google Maps, link to the map here.

“Somewhere in Palisades Pkwy on my way to CT,” The description reads.

“This Accord nearly sideswipes me, then decides to play chicken with the Raptor almost hitting him. I guess that pisses the Raptor off and that’s when video starts. Backed off some but felt at least some road rage worthy video was coming.”

Maybe expecting a sideswipe but didn’t expect him to smash into a mountain! Afterwards, I saw a speed trap on Waze, so hastily made my way to him. Gave him my info and he took off.

As Wong mentions, even before the video begins, this Honda Acord driver was driving recklessly, almost hitting other cars and clearly driving well above the speed limit.

The Ford Raptor driver most likely saw this play out in his rearview mirror and, like a lot of drivers who want to play judge, jury, and, executioner, took justice into his own hands.

The Ford Raptor driver paces another car in the other lane, effectively boxing out the Accord driver from passing. When he sees the Accord driver swing wide, using the service road to attempt his overtake, he guns it.

Few cars can overtake an accelerating Raptor.

And, when the Accord attempts a lane split, acting like he’ll hit the Ford Raptor, the Raptor driver merely scoots left, avoiding any contact.

The Accord driver feints a collision, overcorrects, and loses control.

“I spoke to police, the driver is “ok”,” Wong adds.

“Don’t know the extent of injuries, but he isn’t dead.”

Although the Accord driver takes the brunt of the blame here, the Ford Raptor driver is not without fault.

In New Jersey, it is against the law to stay in the left lane unless you are passing another vehicle when the road is divided into clearly marked lanes for traffic.” – NJSA 39:4-88a

It’s not our job to dole out justice, it’s for the police.

While you might hate on a reckless driver, instead of goading the driver on, baiting them into road rage, it’s best to call 9-1-1 instead.


  1. By preventing the Honda from proceeding down the highway, the Raptor driver very well may have prevented this lunatic from another accident involving someone other than himself.

    • Or they very well could have just made it to wherever they were going in such a hurry. The accord is at fault but so is the raptor. He should have just gotten out of the way and that very well could have been the end of it.

    • So it’s ok to to wreck someone just because they might wreck somewhere else? There wouldn’t have been an accident if the truck would have let the asshole Honda driver by, but truck driver had to be an a*****e too.

      • The raptor driver did not wreck the Honda. He did get reactive, but the Honda driver still had plenty of ability to simply stop driving crazy. He wrecked himself. Nobody else did that. It’s not like the raptor driver changed into the Honda driver’s lane or tried to cut in front of him in his lane. All the honda driver had to do was take his foot off the gas and not change to the left lane.

    • Exactly. Passing or not, that was wreckless and completely the Accord driver’s fault. Slow down and chill out on the road.

  2. But the raptor driver WAS passing. We see clearly he passes one car, then pauses for entering and exiting traffic, but still approaching a second pass, and certainly not a good time to move over. If the raptor driver did anything wrong, it’s certainly not illegal use of the left lane. It’s that he gets a bit reactive (but you can’t even prove that) only after the Honda driver starts blatantly risking lives.

  3. There are a lot of ‘New’ residents in Rockland County that moved up from the city. Let’s hope they remember to leave that crap in the city.

  4. Hey PJF the problem was the Honda Civic who WASNT DOING THE SPEED LIMIT, DRIVING LIKE AN IDIOT. Where was the Raptor to go there was someone in left lane. Everyone forgot patience and courtesy. You’ll get there

  5. Nice for the author to preach to the innocent, but calling the cops before this DB showed his true colors would likely have met with denial and derision at best. And if, in the likely event that this person had been a “person of color,” the person reporting it would be subject to the so-called “anti-Karen” laws that have been weaponized against law-abiding white people. “Call the cops, go to jail, lose your career,” is not a strong argument for dialing 911.

  6. The Accord driver’s insurance isn’t going to pay a dime for this crash, so in addition to not getting where he wanted to go and whatever injuries he sustained, he’s also out a few thousand $$$.

  7. The guy driving the raptor has clearly never been punched in the mouth. How long was he planning on holding up traffic. If he was fine with slowing down to put other people in the way why wouldn’t he just move over. Every action has a reaction. While the guy in the accord acted like an idiot. His action was a reaction to the asshole In the raptor

  8. Guys think driving on the road is a sport with winners and losers. Those kind of guys go for sports cars. Honda makes a cheap sports car (not very good as they lose control too easily). Honda’s slogan was “Honda Races, you win” and now it’s “Honda Checkered Flag event”. So, it’s no wonder 1/2 the idiots on road drive Honda. He who lives by vtec, shall die by vtec! Let’s hope this idiot Honda driver learns his lesson and never puts anyone else’s life in danger again for the pleasure of his ego. PS. I’m sure the road rage viewed started before the video.


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