LiveWire One’s have an official highway range but this is how far owners can actually go

Long highway trips are synonymous with the motorcycle life, it’s where riders find themselves, coming to mind expounding realizations that only pop up after the miles tick away. But, how easy is it to enjoy your highway ride when all you can think about is range and if the charging station you’re riding to is even working.

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This is the problem fans and owners of the LiveWire One electric motorcycle face when they settle on buying one and begin to actually live with it.

LiveWire is transparent with their ranges.

  • Range, City- 146 miles
  • Range, Combined Stop-and-go- 95 miles
  • Range, Highway- 70 miles

It’s clear the faster you go, the faster you deplete your 15.4 kWh battery.

Journalists and owners determined 70-miles highway range is at 70 MPH.

But, what if you can realistically go a tad slower? Can you eke out additional mileage?

Yes, several owners have comfortably gone beyond 70 miles of range at speeds below 70 MPH.

“Just got back home from 95 mile ride around Galveston Bay Area, ” HD LiveWire Forum member Mac Mike said.

“Had 11% battery left and took 1hr.5minutes to charge on DC fast charge at HD dealer. Instrument panel showing 130 range after charging. Rode ECO mode at average 55mph.”

My longest ride so far was an 87 mile ride at an average speed of 60mph and had an 18% charge still left on the meter.

“I live in the south Puget Sound region of Washington and regularly ride a 99 mile loop on one charge,” Happy Buddha comments.

Return has been anywhere from 12% to 1% remaining. All rides mixed elevation and speeds (25 mph to 75 mph). Time is roughly 2 hours. Wind negligible to 20 mph +. Haven’t ridden any warmer than 46 F yet and as low as 37 F.

With the ability to charge to 100 percent using a DC-fast charger plugged in for an hour, or up to 80 percent in 40 minutes, if your route has plenty of reliable chargers, highway trips between 70-85 miles going between 65-70 MPH are possible.

You can go longer still if you dip below 65 MPH but prepare to get comfortable being passed…constantly.

It helps LiveWire Ones have cruise control with the ability to dial in a speed and stick to it.

Keep in mind, for the longevity of your lithium-ion battery, LiveWire recommends (4) level one charges for every one DC fast charge. Although LiveWire One’s software won’t limit fast charges, constant DC fast charges will accelerate the useful life of your battery pack.

LiveWire One’s range will increase as new updates and generations roll out and, as they do, I’ll update this blog post accordingly.

Do you own a LiveWire one? What kind of highway range do you get?

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