Super Bowl MVPs have been getting cars for decades, but here’s why Cooper Kupp probably won’t get a car this year.

Every year right after the Super Bowl MVP is announced, dozens of NFL fans immediately wonder what kind of car this year’s MVP will get. MVPs, after all, have been getting free cars since the 1960s.

It’s practically tradition.

Unfortunately, it looks like 2022 Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp will not be getting a car this year, and it’s not something new.

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The last time a Super Bowl MVP got a car was in 2015 when Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady graciously accepted a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado from General Motors and immediately re-gifted his mid-size truck to the real hero of the game, Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler.

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Ford, seeing GM exit as car sponsor in 2015, signed a multi-year partnership as the “Official truck of the NFL.”

And, although Hyundai became the official car of the NFL from 2016 till 2019, none of the Super Bowl MVPs got as much as a discount to a new Elantra.

No car manufacturer has picked up where Hyundai left off.

While Ford’s no longer the “Official truck of the NFL,” they’ve renewed a similar type of deal on a game-by-game basis, like Super Bowl LVI.

Those lucky enough to attend Super Bowl LVI probably noticed the Ford section of the Super Bowl LVI experience, featuring the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck.

That’s because Ford is the “Official Truck of Super Bowl LVI.”

If Super Bowl LVI MVP did get a free car this year, it’d probably be a 2022 Ford Lightning Platinum electric truck, since this year marks the first year Ford is delivering pre-ordered Lightnings to customers.

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When an official car sponsor of the NFL returns, if they do bring back the Super Bowl MVP free car tradition, they should carry on where Tom Brady left. The NFL should empower the MVP to gift a car to someone who really deserves it.

It could be someone else on the team or, as these past few years have brought up, someone they determine delivered an MVP level performance in the community.

But for Super Bowl LVI, MVP Cooper Kupp won’t be getting a free car.



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