They probably also want you to stop sounding like a little B.

Chevrolet Impala Lowriders owned by Members of the Public Enemy Car Club of Los Angeles took center stage during Super Bowl 56’s halftime show. Since the fifteen-minute Hip Hop and R&B extravaganza was heavily California-themed, the show’s organizers made sure authentic California culture was on display.

While the majority of halftime show watchers were coming to terms with how old everyone on stage was, a lot of car enthusiasts couldn’t get over the lowriders. It was not so much how clean they were, but the fact that there were dancers on top of the hoods!

Properly built Lowriders, with premium paint jobs, hydraulics, and frame-off restorations, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears of work over the years.

How could these lowrider owners allow full-size adult dancers and their dirty shoes to dent their priceless cars?!

Knowing they were never going to live that down unless they addressed it, the Public Enemy Car Club took to Instagram and set the record straight.

If you haven’t already seen the halftime show and the “damage” done, here it is below.

“The NFL paid the bag for 30 mins,” P.E. Car Club commented.

A post from their stories points out that these aren’t the original hoods, and they’re reinforced, anyway.

When one of the Impala owners was asked after the halftime show, “Why’d you let them jump on your hood?”

“Jump on the hood? Because I wanted them too,” replied @TheKingOfChevys.

“It’s our cars. It’s our s***. For those whose out there who have an issue, I jumped on them to make sure they were reinforced.”

“We appreciate the love and support, but we don’t owe an explanation to nobody why we do what we do. Anything we do, is calculated. Believe that.”

The lowrider owners shared some behind-the-scenes photos.

You’ll have to scroll through their post below to see how beefed up the hoods are.

And here’s a quick video showing the “damage” done. Spoiler alert, not a visible dent to be found.

Do you really think these lowrider owners would let some rent-a-dancers damage their pride and joys?

And if they actually did (which they never would,) it’s their car, they’re allowed to do what they want with it, and your opinion is just that…an opinion.



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