If you’re confused why a Disney logo and font spells out Boycott Groomers, here’s why.

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Chances are you found this blog post after driving behind a car, most likely in Florida, with a “Boycott Groomers” decal on the back window.

If you’re confused, not to worry, as I’ll do my best to explain it.

First, here’s what they look like.

So you’ve probably heard how Florida’s Senate and its Governor passed the ‘Parental Rights In Education bill,’ AKA the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

Here’s a quick explainer how it went down.

According to the bill, topics touching on LGBT theory, gender, or anything transgender-related is banned from the state’s school curriculum from Kindergarten to 3rd grade.

It’s worth noting that students can still talk about the aforementioned topics amongst themselves and, as I understand, bring it up to their teachers, but said topics can’t originate officially from teachers themselves via the curriculum.

Upon the bill’s passing, employees of the Walt Disney Company expressed their outrage, leading to leaders of the Disney company itself to officially oppose the bill.

With Disney World located in Florida, they are one of the state’s largest employers.

Over the past few days, a talking point brought up by right leaning news hosts and conservative personalities is simply introducing topics on sexual orientation or gender identity to young children somehow makes them more vulnerable to predators and/or abuse.

To attack anyone opposed to the bill, conservatives suggested you call them groomers.

” Call them (anyone who opposes the bill) groomers and pedophiles if they oppose it. Put THEM on the defensive.” conservative Jesse Kelly tweeted out. “Make THEM afraid. You have the high ground. Use it to destroy your enemy.”

Disney is opposed to the bill, therefore Disney are groomers.

To capitalize on this new talking point, conservative lifestyle brand Bring Ammo whipped up the “Boycott Groomers” decal to sell.

Made to look like the Disney logo, it’s designed to draw you in to find out what it really says.

If you support American-made and are against Disney leadership because of their stance on the bill, you know where to go to buy a decal.

If you don’t support the bill and stand behind what Disney said, you now have a new brand to add to your Twitter ***t list to tweet at.

And, that’s the story behind the decals.

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  1. I appreciate your even handed and factual take on this issue. Disney execs had a leaked zoom call wherein they stated openly that they were going to indoctrinate Disney programming with gay, trans and queer propaganda. They, literally, ARE groomers.


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