Here’s proof showing if that giant bottle of soap actually has wax in it or not.

Strolling down the car care section at WalMart for a car wash soap and you’ll eventually come across this gallon-sized bottle from Turtle Wax. At 64 OZ’s and less than $7, the bottle of Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax is clearly the value king among all the other car wash soaps. And, it even has wax?

Here’s how I found out this affordable bottle of car wash soap does, in fact, have wax.

Earlier last month I washed our family’s car, as I do on the weekend. Then, later on in the day, it started to rain.

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Forever Fused Infusion Water Bottle Sheri Ann Richerson

Mind you, it’d been a good three months since I gave this car a proper wax so any water from rain or an errant blast of the garden hose immediately sheeted off.

When I was taking out the trash after it stopped raining, I noticed the rain water was beading on the car’s paint instead of drying.

How can this be?

I haven’t waxed the car in a long time!

Then, I remembered that I used Turtle Wax’s Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax soap and concluded that, indeed, there was some kind of layer of wax left after I dried the car.

Motivated to now turn this newfound info into a blog post (that you’re reading) I looked up the ingredients in Zip Wax’s Car Wash & Wax available thanks to California’s Ingredients Disclosure laws and this is what I found.

The ingredients in Turtle Wax’s Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax soap

There it is, listed under waxes, Peg-4 Montanate and Carnauba.

According to Wax Direct, “Montan wax is fossilized, 25- to 50-million-year-old carnauba wax.Montan has a higher melting point than carnauba, therefore giving you better product durability.

And anyone at all familiar with car care knows what Carnauba Wax is, a mainstay ingredient in waxes for decades.

Extracted from the Carnauba Palm, it’s a natural vegatable-based wax known for boosting a paint’s warmth when properly applied.

It’s worth noting that the layer of wax left using this Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax soap is probably super thin and is no substitute for a real liquid or paste wax job post car wash.

It is, however, leaving a layer of protection that might last for a week and is better than nothing.

Using Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax once a week or every two weeks is also probably a good way to maintain your wax job’s protection, adding another sacrificial layer of wax on top of whatever wax is left over.

All in all, I’m now more of a fan of this cheap gallon-sized bottle of car wash soap now more than ever.

If you’re shopping for a car wash soap, don’t hesitate buying this one.

If you do, it would behoove you to pour some of it into a smaller bottle because, when full, you’re more likely to pour more than you need.

But yes, this Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax does have actual wax.

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