How to quickly find out the official price of gas at Costco online in three easy steps.

Everyone knows Costco consistently has the cheapest gas in town.

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But, unlike regular gas stations, Costcos are usually on the outskirts of cities and it’s not like they have a signboard with the prices that you can see from the street.

So, what if you want to find out today’s price of gas without driving down there, waiting for an associate to answer over the phone, or filling your phone’s memory with Costco’s official app?

Here’s how to check the official price of Costco gas in 3 easy steps.

Step 1- Go to

Use your phone’s web browser and head to


What looks like on your phone’s mobile browser.

Step 2- Find your local Costco

You’ll want to navigate to “My Warehouse.”

Then, input your address or zip code, and locate the Costco you normally go to.

Input your Zip code or address, whatever’s easier.

Step 3- Click store details and scroll down to gas station.

After clicking store details, you’ll scroll down, past the map. Click on the + sign to see gas station details, and your local Costco will show today’s price for regular and premium.

Prices are updated frequently throughout the day.


  • To make finding the price of Costco gas easier, set the URL where your store details are at as a browser shortcut, that way you can click on the shortcut instead of pulling up your browser and navigating through two more steps.
  • Costco gas lines are notoriously long so, to find out the best time to go, head to Google, look up your local Costco gas and, if you scroll down to popular times, you can see when it’s busy. Typically, weekdays in the morning or after 5 P.M. won’t have you waiting for a pump too long.
Google will show you how busy it is at your local Costco

Alternatives ways to find out the price of Costco Gas online.

As mentioned, you can always download the Costco App, but that’s another app on your phone.

Also, you can go to or use the Gasbuddy app to look up how much Costco gas is near you. Note, Gasbuddy is user-supported so listed prices might not be the latest.

Look at the prices at my local Costco on Gasbuddy, the price for premium is 16 hour old!

A user-reported price is 16 hours old!

So that’s how you can easily find out the price of gas at your local Costco.

It’s really not that hard.


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