He rolled coll on a cyclist, now he’s upset so called “cancel culture” is after his business.

Kevin Soucie, a North Texas resident and owner of Turn 5 Fabrication, is in hot water after he decided to deliberately film and share a video on social media of him rolling coal with his Ford Super Duty on a lone cyclist minding his own business on a stretch of road in McKinney, TX.

Only after local community Facebook groups, Reddit subreddits, and a handful of articles (mine now included) caught wind of Soucie’s video, chastising him for his actions and calling for a boycott of his business, did Soucie fess up to the video and offer some form of apology.

Check out the now viral video via/r/IdiotsInCars thread titled “Another Texas d*****bag rolling coal on a cyclist in McKinney” below.

The video shows Soucie driving along somewhere in McKinney when he spots one cyclist.

“Oh my god, it’s a Cyclist.” Soucie exclaims.

Soucie then hits the gas, causing his Super Duty, specifically tuned to roll coal at wide open throttle, to spew a thick cloud of smoke, which eventually engulfs the cyclist.

Rolling coal is a mostly American practice where truck owners with Diesel engines tune their ECUs to run extremely rich so, when you put the pedal to the floor, a big cloud of black smoke emits from the exhaust.

The thick cloud of pollution causes anyone hit with it to get temporarily blinded, often leaving victims chocking on exhaust, a personal assault akin to a hit-and-run.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram caught wind of this story, presumably thanks to a tip from the North Texas Cycling Group, who, along with many upset social media users, are calling for a boycott on Soucie’s business, Turn 5 Fabrication.

Turn 5 Fabrication, located in Van Alstyne, (website linked here) is a car customization shop that specializes in bending and shaping metal to fit a client’s needs.

Naturally, Soucie’s notoriety attracted a slew of negative reviews to hit his business on Google and his business’s Facebook page.

Soucie, upset that strangers would attack his business, told the Star Telegram,

“…don’t let someone’s personal actions affect the place of business where they work at.

People can hate me all they want, they can dislike me all they want, they can badmouth me all they want, but when you start to badmouth a company, which is not in reflection of what I do in my personal life, that’s where I draw the line,”

Soucie further added that boycotting his business hurts his employees, who had nothing to do with the video.

Following The Star Telegram’s coverage, car sites like CarScoops, Driving.ca, and Jalopnik also followed suit.

It sucks that innocent employees might be negatively affected by his actions, but he should’ve thought of that before he decided to act like a pric*.

It’s common sense that how you carry yourself in public may affect, positively or negatively, where you work, a truth business owners with employees are doubly aware of.

And it’s not like some sleazy blogger decided to dig up some dirt on him to besmirch the Soucie name, he filmed himself rolling coal and shared it…on purpose!

That’s what cancel culture calls a “self-report.”

While the losses to his business have yet to be realized, the facts of the video still stand. He deliberately rolled coal on some random cyclist, a harmful action that temporarily blinded him, probably caused him to choke on some smoke, and might’ve turned dangerous if he hit or swerved into an obstruction he couldn’t see.

I, and anyone who saw his video and read his half-hearted apology, can easily see through his flimsy defense of “can someone think of my employees?”

More likely than not, backlash from his video will all blow over, and his customers won’t even care.

And I doubt this negative backlash will dissuade Soucie from rolling coal on cyclists in the future. He probably just won’t share it so publically next time.

I mean, look at his most recent Instagram post after all the negative press. Does it sound like he cares? I don’t think so.

Regardless, hopefully my blog post, and other articles that follow, will tie Kevin Soucie’s name and his Turn 5 Fabrication business to his dumb coal rolling video, at least for a couple of years.

Remember, if you do business with Kevin Soucie, you’re doing business with a real deal a**hole.


  1. It’s pretty clear to see that Kevin’s not ‘sorry he did it’ – he’s just ‘sorry that he got caught’ and I bet he (and maybe his buddies and/or co-workers) sit around sharing these stories (and videos) and having a great laugh. If he’s truly sincere, I’d like for him to a) quit whining and man up and accept full responsiblity, and b) maybe do something to invest in the biking community to make it a safer place to ride. I feel his actions in his personal life have great bearing on his company, and it does seem he’s far more worried about losing business than promising never to do it again. I’d also be willing to bet that this time wasn’t the first (or probably the last) time he’s ever rolled coal on a cyclist. As both a cyclist and an F250 SD owner, I know it’s possible to ‘share the road’ and treat both drivers and cyclists with respect. Let’s see if Kevin has truly learned his lesson…

  2. Soucie is a loser with an entitled chip on his shoulder. Whatever negative consequences impact his business is a direct result if his actions.
    Grow up….

  3. He is not sorry for the act of rolling coal. He is sorry for the consequences of rolling coal. Was he sorry when he modified his truck to role coal? Was he sorry when he rolled coal on the cyclist? Was he sorry when he posted it? Or was he sorry after some of the consequences start to effect him and his business?

  4. This guy must be a simpleton. Who in their right mind thinks If you treat people disrespectfully in your personal life that it doesn’t carry over to your business life, especially when you broadcast it your own self like you’re so proud of the act. Just think, he does childish dangerous pranks on innocent people how do you think he’s going to react when he does a poor job on your project?. Most likely won’t except fault and blame the problem on you. He’s Disrespectful, rude and condescending. Just look at his responses to negative reviews on Google. Either the reviews are fake, the person’s never been a customer, or they would never be a good customer anyway.


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