If you tend to speed on your bike or even in your car, this is a trick worth keeping in your back pocket.

For some motorcycle riders and drivers, getting pulled over for speeding isn’t a matter of if, but when.

And, even if you’re super careful, it’s all too easy to start driving too fast on accident.

So, how do you increase your chances of getting out of a speeding ticket with, at worst, a warning?

Youtuber and motorcycle enthusiast Mad Maxy uploaded a video of him actually speeding by a police officers on a BMW S 1000RR and letting viewers know, in real time, that he’s going to use this one trick that helps him get out of speeding tickets every time.

Check out his video below.

First of all, you should know that the BMW S 1000RR is a seriously fast bike. The 1000 stands for how many cc’s of displacement this bike has, making this BMW an actual liter bike.

With an estimated 205 HP in something that weighs less than 430 pounds, it’s one fast German missile.

In the video, we see Mad Maxy really get into the powerband and, before he realizes it, he spots a police officer on a bike pointing his speed radar directly at him.

This is where Mad Maxy reveals his trick for getting out of speeding tickets.

In order to increase your chances of getting out of a speeding ticket on a motorcycle, once you spot a police officer and realize you’re caught, at the earliest opportunity, choose a safe spot and immediately pull over.

And true to the video’s title, although Mad Maxy pulls out a questionable explanation, the police officer actually lets him go!

“I just wanna let you know that I’m not going to cite you,” the police officer says. “I’m only going to let you off with a warning just because you pulled over right away.”

Keep in mind, this trick is only super effective if you spot, pass a police officer, and pull over before that police officer puts on his siren and starts actively chasing you.

By pulling over before you’re actually being chased, you’re acknowledging the inevitable, inadvertently fessing up to your crime, and you’re actively making the police officer’s job safer and less stressful since they immediately realize they won’t have to give chase.

Mad Maxy says this”works EVERY time” but don’t count on it.

Regardless, it’s something worth remembering the next time you blast by a cop who you know is inevitably going to have their reds and blues flashing in your rearview mirror.


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