For the price of a large three topping Pizza, you too can have your girlfriend’s glaring eyes staring back at you every time you hop out of your car.

Earlier yesterday, Twitter user and proud girlfriend @SlashedSteph won Twitter when she shared how her man has custom LED projectors mounted on his BMW doors that project her face every time he enters or exits his car.

As her Tweet went viral, as you can imagine, re-tweeters and commenters were equal parts in love with and low-key jealous at the type of love her man shows.

Custom LED projectors showing her face? Who does that?

Check out her tweet below.

Moreover, many Twitter users wanted to know where they can get a pair of custom LED projectors for themselves.

You probably Googled this blog post after seeing something similar on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

Thankfully, @SlashedSteph tweeted that out as well, product off Amazon linked here.

Available on Amazon, the LED Projectors are sold in pairs and come with everything you need to make your own custom LED Projector.

Before you place your order, you’ll upload a photo of your choice and will customize it to fit their specified dimensions.

Any photo’ll do.

“Custom LOGO time need 5 days, shipping time is 10~12 days, the total time maybe need 17 days,” their ad says.

“If you want to preview the projection effect, we can send you a photo of the projection effect before shipping.”

Installation looks super easy. You place the mini-projector on the door and align it with a magnet you place with double-sided tape on the door sill.

When the projector moves away from the magnet, for example, when you open a door, the LED projector turns on.

Since it’s powered by 3 AAA batteries, it should last a long time and, when it eventually goes dead, it’s not like you have to find some complicated batteries to bring it back to life.

“Okay, I love it, says Andrea Martinez, a reviewer.

” I saw it on TikTok and I knew I needed it. I put my face on it for my boyfriend’s car and the quality is amazing. It took me about 30 minutes to install each projector, but totally worth it.”

“He now opens either door and gets to see my face. He actually loves it. 10/10 would recommend. These pictures were taking during the night, that’s how they shine on the floor. I’m definitely planning on getting 2 more for the back doors.

Here’s what Andrea’s boyfriend has to see, provided in her Amazon review.

“Don’t even think about those other girls,” her look says.

I don’t know what it is with girlfriends with boyfriends with these LED projectors on their doors that project their girlfriend’s faces, but it’s kind of cute…I guess.

If you want to project literally anything else, your imagination is your only limit.

Yes, these mini LED door projectors are for single people, too.

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