“The Civic history goes on,” the Easter Egg says. But, sir. This is an Integra!

Despite Acura re-introducing a storied nameplate, wrapping its global modular platform in all new Integra-only sheet metal, and giving car shoppers one of the best entry level offerings in its class, online critics and car trolls love to rib on the fact that the new Integra shares a lot of componentry with its sister platform.

And, thanks to a recently revealed Easter Egg, those trolls have another bullet point for their Integra diss deck.

Jason Richmond, best known as Honda Pro Jason, recently revealed to his followers earlier yesterday that the new 2023 Acura Integras come with the same Easter egg as the 11th gen Civics, an homage to the first Civic, under the center console spill mat.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Here’s a clearer photo of the console mat.

“The Civic history goes on.” Oops!

This latest Easter Egg reveal carries on a Civic-specific Easter egg tradition, Honda first introducing the center console spill mat Easter egg back in 2015 on the 10th gen Civics.

This latest (presumably) unintentional Easter egg should come as no surprise since Integras, first introduced in the mid ’80s, where always Civic-based.

One of the few positive comments on HPJ’s post pointed this out.

“This car wouldn’t exist if not for the Civic, @RMCSC commented. “The Civic is a part of its history. Done. I work for Honda marketing now.”

Regardless, Honda’s done everything it can to make sure this new Integra has more than enough differences to set itself apart as its own model, even giving the Integra its own valve cover complete with Acura logo.

2023 Integra Engine
The 1.5L turbos in the Civic obviously don’t come with an Acura “A” on the valve cover.

As this title says, this Easter egg is (probably) purely unintentional, the benefits of removing the Civic homage not outweighing any added cost, however small, they’d have to pass onto its customers.

In this era of features being left out, an accidental Easter Egg is better than kowtowing to Integra purists and not having a spill mat at all.

It, admittedly, makes me cringe just a little, but, honestly is no big deal.

It would’ve been awesome if Acura ran a special batch of spill mats with an Integra-only Easter egg.

And, even then, the internet trolls would still have a field day criticizing that.

But, for new Integra owners…it would’ve been nice.

Who knows, if enough backlash comes from this, Acura just might redesign (or nix) the spill mats in 2024.


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