If you’re wondering if she’s OK, here’s what we know.

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you saw that video on Facebook and need to know if Amanda, that girl who bing-bonged her head on a metal bar, is OK.

Even though the TikTok video (where it came from) is close to two years old, the *bang* to the noggin sound was so loud and the girls (admittedly) were so pretty (down bad much? What of it?) that it instantly became an internet classic.

Not only did I find out if Amanda is OK, I even found a small follow-up video.

If you haven’t seen Amanda smacking her head on that clearance bar, her TikTok with almost 6.3M views, is still up.

@amandastoldt ?Head banger?#fyp #headshot #barstoolsports ♬ original sound – amandastoldt

If her TikTok username is her actual name, her full name is Amanda Stoldt and, according to some comments here and there on Facebook, the accident happened in Austin, Texas at a parking garage somewhere off 6th St.

“Yeah, we had just got to my friends apartment and the 3 of us hopped in the back of the truck to go to the second floor so we could go in together,” Stoldt replied in a comment.

When someone commented to “Sit down before you hit another one,” Stoldt replied, “Girl I got rocked I didn’t know where I was.”

And, when asked if she’s OK, Stoldt commented, “All good girl, Thank You.”

Her Mom, self identified as one Pam Neese even commented, “Her Mom here, she checked out at the hospital- she’s good. Thank you.”

It’s not clear if the hospital actually determined if she received a concussion but, based on a similar smack to the head I received and what the doctors told me, it’s safe to say any concussion diagnosis would be labeled as Grade 1 Mild.

Two days after her TikTok went viral, Stoldt posted this short, but simple follow-up.


♬ original sound – amandastoldt

As proof that she’s OK and she’s alive, well, and thriving, Stoldt is very much active on all the socials, most notably Instagram where she mostly shares photos of her bartending skills.

Now that we all know Amanda is A-OK, hopefully her video is more than just funny and is a serious cautionary tale before you go ham in a convertible or the back of a truck.

I also feel, if you’re giving rides in the back of your vehicle in an unsafe manner, you have some kind of duty of care (e.g. should be aware of any potential dangers your passengers might run into…literally.)

Potential head injuries are all around us if we’re not paying attention.

If you’ve hit your noggin to hard and are worried, a quick read through of what to do with minor head injuries courtesy of UK’s national health services is worth a read.

Basically, you’ll want to ice the injured area, take an ibuprofen for the lingering pain, rest, and have a friend keep an eye on you for the next 24 hours.

If you’re still feeling unbalanced, start throwing up, still have a lingering headache, or have foggy memory (on top of a dozen other symptoms,) it’s time to head to the E.R.


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