“My Baby driving us…to the mall!”

A Texas mom, self-identified as Tiasia A. Estelle, is getting a lot of social media backlash and can face possible child endangerment charges after a video she uploaded earlier last week shows her allegedly letting her seven year old daughter drive their Chevrolet Malibu on I-35 in Waco.

Because of all the negative comments, angry DMs, and threats thrown Estelle’s way, she’s since deleted the video and closed her Facebook account.

But, as all things on the internet, that hasn’t stopped others from making their own copies, two of them below. (mirror here.)

@mn.bpd.mom THIS IS NOT OKAY!! #greenscreenvideo #childendangerment #childneglect #911 #childendangermentawareness #badparenting #badparentingmoments @tiasiaa.estelle ♬ original sound – Erika

The original caption reads, “I’ve been coaching her for a few weeks now and she’s finally got id down! Seven and rolling!”

The video itself is self explanatory. In the video we can see a young child, presumably Estelle’s daughter, sitting in the driver’s seat of what I believe is a newer Chevrolet Malibu.

The video zooms in on a road sign showing the Veterans Affairs Hospital and Extraco Events Center Exit 331 is coming up placing Estelle and her daughter on Interstate 35 in Waco.

Since Estelle doesn’t pan, showing the whole seat, it’s not 100 percent clear if there’s someone sitting behind her daughter.

It appears her daughter is scooched far forward to reach the pedals.

When confronted on her more recent TikTok Videos why she thought it was OK to let her daughter drive, Estelle had this to say.

Estelle’s Chevrolet might have Adaptive Cruise Control which, when enabled, allows a “driver” to keep a safe distance with the car in front of them, automatically applying brakes to avoid a collision.

Chevrolet’s ACC system is in no way like Tesla’s Auto Pilot and still requires a driver to steer.

Hopefully, this is what Estelle means by “…she wasn’t driving.”

ACC or not, if the video shows exactly what we think it shows, it’s definitely grounds for possible child endangerment.

A Pasadena, TX mom received two counts of child endangerment after police stopped her 11-year-old daughter for speeding. When police approached the vehicle, they found her daughter driving without adult supervision, her 10-year-old brother the only passenger.

And, the internet is littered with stories of kids driving, notably without their parents knowledge and permission.

Estelle’s situation, however, is a bit different seeing how she’s filming.

Although @mn.bpd.mom updated her followers in the comments of her video that, “Waco PD is looking into it,” there’s another comment from a follower saying, “She (Tiasia) deleted the video and made a post bragging about Waco PD not charging her with anything.”

Estelle, a self-proclaimed rapper, also had this gem on her socials.

“When you been day drinking but it’s time to pick up the kids,” the caption reads.


Estelle’s situation aside, children shouldn’t be driving on public roads, period. Driving is one of the most complicated things people do daily and requires proper licensing, not to mention some kind of training and your undivided attention.

“A few weeks” isn’t enough time to learn how to drive for most teenagers, let alone a seven year old.

Unfortunately, as Estelle comments, in the absence of definitive proof, police probably won’t do anything in this situation.

If you’re in the Waco area or frequent I-35, keep your eyes peeled for a Chevrolet Malibu and who’s driving.

Something tells me this might not be the last time that seven year old gets behind the wheel.


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