Street parkers on Bay Area streets take note, this takes leaving your car doors open one step further.

Car theft and break-ins have gotten so bad in the United States that some owners, at least in the Bay Area, reportedly leave their car doors and trunks open…on purpose…to let passing car burglars know, “If you’re going to rummage through my car, go ahead, but there’s nothing in value inside and please, don’t break my windows.”

Now, @ThatBoyFunny, an Atlanta-based comedian, is humorously taking that tactic one step further. According to a video he posted on his account and re-posted on World Star, he’s not only leaving his window open, he’s sprinkling fake, crushed glass under his front door and on his seats to make it look like someone’s already broken in.

Note, this is, for all intents and purposes, a joke, and is not to be taken seriously (kind of,) but, it does make you wonder if it would actually work.

Check out his video below.

“Did you hit your window?,” his friend asks, walking up to his friend’s bright red Dodge Charger.

“No bro,” that boy funny responds. “I done hit my window, it’s fake glass.”

Sure enough, his video shows him strategically sprinkling a jar filled with crushed, fake glass in and outside of his Charger.

If you didn’t know what he just did, it honestly looks like someone did break into his Charger.

“San Francisco people need to do this lol,” commented @ablertano_el_guapo.

“Bro, they still taking the car, my guy. Don’t play yourself,” @Sincere_999 said.

Which leads me to my conclusion. While funny, this is overall not a good idea.

For the majority of cars actually worth something, unless you also have a hidden ignition switch or something that prevents a car thief from starting up your car, you’ve made stealing your car that much easier.

But, if you drive a car where a repairing a window costs more than the car’s worth, honestly don’t have anything worth stealing inside, and already leave your windows down, anyway, this can possibly up your street parking game.

A jar of fake, crushed glass is less than $10 on Amazon.

You can also make your own crushed glass for free.99.

What do you think about this funny take on street parking strategies?

No good?

Let me know in the comments below.


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