A karate kick, gigantic gong, damaged car, and an announcement that would make a carnival barker proud, this video has it all.

TikTok user Summar Marie shared video of a Sunridge Nissan salesperson in Calgary, Alberta making a big show out of closing a deal on her new Nissan Versa. But, when Marie was instructed to kick a celebratory gong, her kick sent the gong flying into a new Nissan Maxima parked on the showroom floor.

Check out the now viral TikTok video below.

@summar.marie Buying my first car went… embarrassing, to say the least ? watch until the end! #bigkick #belairdirectdrivechallenge #trending #fyp #nissan #embarrassing #foryou #canada #firstcar ♬ original sound – Summar Marie

“Ladies and Gentleman,” the Nissan Salesperson, self identified as Grant Sager starts off with. “It is my pleasure, my privilege to announce that Summar has bought her very, very, very first car at Sunridge Nissan where we are number 1 in the country and most importantly number 1 in our hearts.”

Summar, presumably filmed by a friend or family member, is standing in the middle of the sales floor sort of embarrassed but mostly happy at the unfolding spectacle she’s a part of.

In front of Summar is a gigantic Gong. Perhaps, pre-Covid, there would’ve been a gong ringer used.

The only problem is this gong’s placed a little to close to the front of a new Nissan Maxima.

As the video shows, physics take over and Summar’s Muay Thai kick sends the gong and stand into the Maxima’s front bumper.

The gong kick, ironically, is, as Sager shouts, supposed to, “Kick all that good luck into ya.”

Thankfully, some of Summar’s luck transferred into her gong kick because, as per Sager’s comments on her video, “No car was harmed, there was just a rubber smidge, but it came right off.”


And, taking a second look at the video, that’s all the happened.

Next big sale, I’m sure Sager will place the gong well away from any cars. If you’re at all interested, his TikTok is linked here.

And for Summar, congrats on the new ride!


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