Or, are we the ones being trolled?

If you want a “free” photoshoot and can unbolt your license plate, take a page from these bored Denver teens. TikTok user @GrantBortz posted up a now viral video showing him and and a friend using a license plate to troll a nearby red light camera into taking their photo.

Check out the funny video below.


The only violation was being too dripped out

♬ GB fan club theme song – Grant

As you can surmise, red light cameras work by detecting objects past a designated boundary when the lights turn red.

As it’s an automated system, notices are mailed out to whatever address is attached to the license plate caught on the offending video.

These bored Denver teens took advantage, presumably for clout, of that system to get a “free” photoshoot.

Here’s a screenshot of the three creative poses they took: one in a wheelbarrow, one just rollerblading, and one in an invisible car.

They’re creative, I’ll give them that.

Here’s a screenshot of the notice of violation they received.

Interestingly, the system cited them for traveling 25 MPH in a 15 MPH zone.

As you can see in this street view shot from Google Maps (linked here,) there’s a 35 MPH speed limit on Speer Blvd.

Did they, as one TikTok commenter pointed out, uncover a flaw in the red light camera system?

Denver supposedly slapped the teens with a $40 fine which, over three tickets, might cost them $120.

I say might because, as this humorous photoshoot shows, they’re not actually in a car…at all.

In fact, the entire thing is, quite possibly, fake.

I’ve already pointed out how the notice caught them going 25 MPH in a 15 MPH zone despite Speer Blvd actually being a 35 MPH zone.

The damning evidence, if you haven’t already caught it, are the photos themselves.

Have you ever seen a red light camera with the camera body and lens mounted at street level? They’re usually mounted 20 feet above the ground taking a photo pointing downwards.

A close-up of their license plate at ground level? Really?

Embed from Getty Images

Regardless, it’s a funny video and it’s done the job, the TikTok video has 9.3M views and counting.

Now that they’ve gone viral, let’s see them do it for real!

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