Why chocking your wheels is important.

If you need a real-life lesson why chocking your wheels is important, take a lesson from @ItsProjectVenture. The DIY mechanic and TikToker filmed himself, not on purpose, disconnecting a driveshaft which, because he didn’t properly secure his vehicle, caused the vehicle he was working under to roll, almost literally running him over.

Check out his TikTok on Youtube below. (his original TikTok can be found here.)

According to the video’s description,

“This man was changing the u-joints in his dad’s truck. Hurriedly, he didn’t set the parking brake and use wheel locks. So when he disconnected the driveshaft, the truck started rolling over his head.”

If you’re wondering if he’s A-OK, the fact that he’s still posting videos says yes.

He did post several update videos, responding to comments asking him how he’s doing.

“I am alive and well,” he says in one video “I am perfectly fine. The truck did not run me over. I was laying lengthwise with the truck and I just slid with it to the end of my driveway.

@itsprojectventure Reply to @thatgirlontiktok2 #safetyfirst #doingmybest #imfine ♬ original sound – itsprojectventure

As many have pointed out, including the literal point of this whole video, you should be chocking your car whenever you’re working on it or underneath it.

At just $8 a wheel chock (at Harbor Freight) if you can’t afford a pair, you shouldn’t be working on cars. Period. (Keep in mind HF always has 20-30 percent off online coupons so they’re even cheaper!)

$7.99 (or $15.98 for a pair.) With a 30 percent coupon, that’s less than $12.

According to Wiki How (article linked here,) as hinted at, you want to chock at least two wheels on the same axle and, if you have many wheel chocks, it’s not a bad idea to chock all four.

You’ll also want to avoid improvised chocks like pieces of woods or bricks which can disintegrate under load.

Thankfully this man is still alive, it could’ve turned out so much worse.


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