Affordable brake parts from a US-based distributor with a track record of happy eBay customers.


Earlier this year I ordered a rear drum brake kit off eBay and was more than satisfied with my experience from the seller I bought them from. Curious as to what other larger aftermarket brake parts resellers are out there I, like you, came across BrakeMotive, an eBay seller that’s moving a ton of brake parts that you probably have questions about.

Here’s everything I could find out about BrakeMotive with hopefully enough information that will help you make a better, informed decision whether you should spend your hard-earned money on them.

BrakeMotive history

According to BrakeMotive’s About Us,

“BrakeMotive offers the highest quality brake parts featuring drilled and slotted rotors, ceramic brake pads and big brake kits. We ship 98% of our products within 1 business day!”

According to’s WhoIs information, it suggests they’re owned as a subsidiary of Power Stop LLC.

BrakeMotive = Powerstop

For what it’s worth, Import Yeti reveals Powerstop’s only supplier is Korea-based Sangsin Brakes.

PowerStop’s supplier

BrakeMotive’s mailling address is 9923 Ridgeland Ave, # 108, Oak Lawn, IL 60415.

BrakeMotive does say they operate out of a 70,000 sq/ft Midwest Warehouse and, seeing how Power Stop LLC’s address is 6112 W. 73rd Street, Bedford Park IL, you can put two and two together.

Username BrakeMotive76 has been an eBay member since 2004, their individual sales totaling over 1.1M sales and counting as of this writing.

With over 14,700+ sales with feedback over the past 12 months, BrakeMotive is shipping hundreds of orders a week.

BrakeMotive boasts a 98.6 percent positive feedback rate which generally means you’ll end up satisfied with your purchase.

Although BrakeMotive doesn’t mention where their rotors, pads, and etc are made, knowing that BrakeMotive is associated with Power Stop LLC, it’s safe to assume new BrakeMotive parts are made in Korea and/or China.

If there’s finishing work to be done, rotors are drilled and slotted to specification either at their warehouse or elsewhere.

“Drilled to perfection in the USA,” their caption says.

It seems to me, anything new from BrakeMotive has a PowerStop equivalent.

BrakeMotive brake parts seem to be PowerStop products without the PowerStop branding.

In other words, BrakeMotive is just PowerStop marketed to an eBay shopper.

For any of their parts, like their calipers, listed as remanufactured or refurbished, it’s also safe to assume these calipers come from their self-sustaining core charge return policy (as specified when you buy them.)

BrakeMotive key technologies

Here’s what BrakeMotive advertises as going above and beyond your typical, cheapo Made in China brake parts supplier, their rotors are zinc coated and drilled and slotted to OEM standards.

In addition, many of their calipers are sold in either a powder coated red, black, or restored to its OE-finish.

According to BrakeMotive’s infographic, their brake pads are thermal scorched, are made from premium, ceramic brake compound, incorporate OEM positive mold technology, and use a dual rubber layer shim to prevent brake squeal.

What are BrakeMotive buyers saying about their experience.

Reading dozens of their reviews on eBay, Google, their Facebook page including independent reviews on make and model-specific car forums, most reviews I come across state how happy they are with their BrakeMotive brake parts, satisfied with their shopping experience, with the amount of brake performance they observed and, most importantly, with the price they paid.

Here’s how much you pay for parts for a front brake job on a 2000 Honda Civic, for two rotors, four pads, and 12 oz of Dot 3 brake fluid, plus tax you’re only paying around $98.

Bramotive rotors and pads for a 2000 Civic

If you were to buy the same parts for a 2000 Civic at Autozone, two rotors, and four pads, you’re spending at least $150, and that’s not including the brake fluid.

” I’ve never purchased a set of rotors and pads this cheap before and I’m very happy I did, concludes a Volvo 850 owner who left a lengthy review on Swede Speed This looks to be a solid product for an awesome price in comparison to the cheap parts store brands and much less expensive than OE. I don’t think you can go wrong with the product, price, or service.” (review linked here.)

“I’ve been purchasing BrakeMotive for almost a decade, says Mike Reiff on their Facebook page. “I’ve had them on all of my cars. I brag to my friend and recommend to all I can. I take pride in these brakes. Thank for having a good quality produce at an affordable price that’s I believe is comparable to the other big names.”

“Just installed the BrakeMotive drilled /slotted rotors and pads and all I can say is HOLY S*** ,” LS1Tech forum member Snaggle writes. “The customer service was awesome , fast shipping and very nice products. The best 165 bucks ever spent.” (Review linked here)

I can go on and on, copying and pasting reviews from happy BrakeMotive customers but, as their Google Search results show, they have many satisfied customers.

How to get the most performance out of your BrakeMotive break pads

More than likely included in your brake pads purchase from BrakeMotive is a break-in procedure.

I’ve seen many online reviews that say following BrakeMotive’s break-in procedure is crucial to get the most performance and longevity out of your BrakeMotive brake pads.

It would behoove you to follow their break-in procedure to a T.

Brakemotive break-in procedure

What’s BrakeMotive’s customer service like?

According to several customer reviews, this is what used to be listed under their website’s support page.

“A Brakemotive representative is available at 877-477-9320, or you can e-mail us at”

Seeing as that snippet is no longer available on their website, I assume your best bet obtaining customer service from BrakeMotive is through eBay’s Contact Seller system.

Regardless of what means of communication you use, customers often mention how customer service goes above and beyond to rectify any issues their customers have.

Relevant videos


From everything I’ve learned about the BrakeMotive company including the dozens of independent reviews I’ve read, I’m more than confident recommending anything BrakeMotive to you, especially if you’re on a budget.


  1. Brake motive are just power stop stuff without some of the extras. Like rotors are not high speed balanced. If you put them side to side there’s cuts on power stop stuff. Anyways brake motive has ceased business to focus on powerstop


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