If you look forward to Harbor Freight’s free flashlights, tape measures, and multi-meters, here’s when and how to snag these free items for yourself.

One of the many reasons Harbor Freight customers go to their nearest store in the first place wass the freebie coupons on the front page of their print coupon catalogs.

But, with Harbor Freight no longer sending out coupons in the mail, their coupons online only, their customers are wondering, myself included, if HF still gives out free items like the aforementioned LED lights and electronic tools.

The good news is yes, Harbor Freight still gives out freebies, except you’ll have to go online to find out.

Here’s how to know when Harbor Freight is giving out their freebies.

The easiest way is to check their website, specifically their coupon section at harborfreight.com/coupons. You’ll find out if they’re holding any upcoming promotions and will often advertise a freebie like this LED Flashlight I saw earlier last week. (Link to expired coupon found here.)

One of their better freebies, an LED flashlight. You can use it as a light or, like I do, harvest the precious, cheapo batteries.

The next way to know when they’re handing out freebies is to sign up for their e-mail or text messaging list (linked here.) Checking the website once a week is a chore but, if you’re checking your e-mail anyways and don’t mind signing up for another e-mail list, subscribing to their e-mail list is a great way to know when they’re holding promotions, oftentimes highlighting a freebie coupon, too.

Finally, if you’re always on your phone and love apps, Harbor Freight has an app (linked here.) Not only does it making finding deals on the fly easier, it’s another place to find out when and for how long their freebie deals are.

You can either bookmark the link to the freebie on your smartphone and show your phone to the cashier


You can print out the freebie coupon to bring into the store.

It’s a chore and arguably annoying that Harbor Freight no longer mails out their coupons, freebie ones included, but it’s just the way it is in this cost-cutting, digital-only world.

I’m just happy they’re still even giving out freebies.


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