Is H3’s Love now on Swedish Police’s person of interest list?

Update: Dec 16,2022 – added a screenshot of Love’s car from H3TV #61.

YungFika, AKA Love from the H3 Podcast, got pulled over by Swedish police while streaming on Twitch earlier this week. You’d think he’d shut down the stream before police chatted him up, but such was not the case.

Check out that time-stamped moment on Twitch, clip linked here.

Below is a snippet Tweeted out by Love himself.

In his Twitch stream we see YungFika, as the title says, start off his stream ordering and enjoying a chicken sandwich.

Then, like most of his other streams, Love just drives, for hours, while he chats and interacts with his followers.

The thing is when you drive around for hours on end, especially between 3-4 A.M., you’re going to catch the attention of local police.

Also, it doesn’t help when you’re driving around in a car literally covered in writing (presumably put there by fans?)

Love from the H3 Podcast posing for a selfie with his Honda Accord, the hood covered in writing.
Love takes a selfie with his ride, a white ’90s Honda Accord with a hood covered in writing.

Three and a half hours into his stream we see Love being pulled over, confirming his suspicions that he was being followed.

With his stream still live, his followers give zero f***s, sending sound alerts of farts, bruhs, and boings through Love’s bluetooth speaker while police figure out what the heck he’s up to.

As the video shows, at one point Love submits to a breathalyzer. As he was not drinking prior to and during his stream, he had nothing to worry about.

No alcohol detected. Let’s goooo!

Kind of bothered with the sound alerts, Love flips his camera and tells chat to stop.

“Guys, stop,” Love says

We can see one cop grinning as fart sounds blast out his window.

Maybe disable sound alerts next time.

Thankfully these good-natured Swedish cops understood what he was doing, determined he wasn’t a threat, and let him go.

Undeterred, Love continues his stream, live chatting and driving around for another three hours.

Reddit user Gammalman’s provided a translation on a discussion of the incident on the H3H3 Productions subreddit.

As many have mentioned on the Reddit thread and in his Twitter replies, one has to question if things would’ve turned out differently if these were American police and he was streaming from, for example, Los Angeles.

Thankfully, everything turned out OK, these Swedish police with years of conflict management training in their arsenal compared to their American counterparts.

With Love’s run in with the law out of the way, I wonder if he’ll continue to drive and stream in the same part of town.

We’ll find out soon enough as YungFika seems to stream on a regular basis.


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