There’s nothing quite like getting a free photo-shoot out of one of your worst car days.

There aren’t many things that catch you off guard quite like having your car die on you in stop-and-go traffic. That’s what happened to this Toyota MR-2 owner and, with a Google Maps car driving by at that exact moment, he made the best of the crummy situation.

Check out the photo the Google Maps car took of his struggle, pushing his Toyota MR2 across E 14 St and 2nd Ave in New York sometime in September 2013 below.

I went back on Google Maps to that intersection, changed it to September 2013 and, despite moving back and forth several times, tweaking where I placed Street View, I could not find that exact moment.

Either I can’t find the exact location or Google shifted that particular Street View to another car’s perspective.

Regardless, the Google Maps car did pass by that Toyota MR2 again after he pushed his broken down midship amusement machine to safety, as you can see in the screenshots I posted below (google maps URL of that location linked here.).

In this shot, from a distance you can make out the red MR2.

You can make out the MR2 in the distance

Here, you the Toyota MR2 owner knows the Maps car is passing and, if they didn’t blur out his face, we’d probably see his mug staring straight into the camera ball mounted on that Subaru’s roof.

“It’s the Google Maps car, look cool,” he’s probably thinking.

And here’s a close-up of the owner, presumably waiting for help and trying to look cool for his “big moment.”


Several Facebook users commented how there are several New Yorkers just standing at the intersection, not even offering to push.

They found that frustrating and so do I.

As funny, after the fact, it is to get your breakdown captured by Google Maps, it’s a reminder if you ever see someone pushing their car and you have an opportunity to help, help!

Not only are you helping them get out of harm’s way, it’s the right thing to do.


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