If you’re going to film yourself driving, at least make sure you’re not breaking the law.

Atlanta-based Youtuber OKQ Orange King, AKA OrangeKing26 on all the socials, made the top of the list of posts in Reddit’s /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit earlier this week when /u/nousername_noid shared one of OKQ’s Youtube shorts showing him texting while driving while wearing his seatbelt incorrectly.

On top of that, when it started raining, instead of pulling over where it’s safe, he filmed himself stopping in the middle of the freeway to put his BMW M6’s top up with cars and big rigs honking at his asinine driving.

The Reddit thread is linked here and his Youtube short is embedded below.

It looks like Orange King is driving his BMW M6 as seen below.

“Gotta be careful in Atlanta,” OKQ Orange King’s caption reads. “This can happen at any moment.

The video literally starts off with his eyes not on the road, staring instead at his smartphone in his right hand.

Redditor u/uGlobal_mess1475 points out that, while it looks like he doesn’t have his seatbelt on, he most likely only has the lap portion of his belt secured.

Better than nothing I suppose.

“Oh, S***,” OKQ shouts as it begins to rain.

“Gotta out run the rain,” he yells to his friend in a pink Charger in another lane.

With the rain now coming down hard, his convertible top still open, Orange King makes the hare-brained decision, instead of safely pulling over, to slow to a crawl in the middle of a busy Atlanta freeway with no regard for the other cars (not to mention the semi-trucks) around him.

Apparently, the hard top on this M6 can be raised and lowered at speeds up to 25 MPH.

As evidence of how dangerous what he did was, you can hear cars and trucks honking in frustration as they pass him.

You can imagine how dangerous it is, especially when raining, when a car suddenly slows in front of you.

“I don’t know who the **** this guy is,” /u/KillaRogue comments, “…but the headrest logo and his shirt scream conceited dou***bag.”

“Speeding, texting while driving, sudden stops mid highway, n no seatbelt, ur a mess g,” Youtube commenter Ben Dover comments.

According to Sink Law, holding your smartphone while driving is against Georgia’s 2018 Hands-Free Act. First time offenders are fined $50 and one point on their record. Subsequent violators see escalating fines.

“We need a law that states all social media videos you upload of yourself doing illegal s*** can and will be used to charge and convict you,” /u/Repulsive-Buffalo-33 comments. “Then, let the internet do its thing, kind of like a social media America’s most wanted.”

I agree, /u/Repulsive-Buffalo-33.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with filming yourself on a dash-mounted camera while driving.

It’s when you document yourself doing, as the subreddit’s name suggests, idiotic things, where I have to ask….why?

For some people, like Orange King, it’s sadly, probably just for clout.


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