A language barrier wasn’t stopping this kind soul from helping a man get his car out precarious situation.

Gabe Carnuccio, who goes by @GabeCarnuccio on Instagram, shared a heart warming video earlier this week showing him trying his best to help out a Spanish speaking man who got his Dodge Charger stuck in a ditch.

Since the guy didn’t know English and Caranuccio didn’t know Spanish, Carnuccio whips out his iPhone, uses IOS’s translate app, and successfully has a back and forth conversation with the guy.

Check out the video for yourself below.

It looks like Carnuccio and his friends came across this guy and his stuck car in the middle of the night.

Your guess is as good as mine with how this guy’s car got stuck but one thing’s for sure, his large, aftermarket wheels were not helping him get the necessary traction he needed to crawl his way out.

“Let’s just disassemble the car piece by piece and then reassemble it on the road,” Caranuccio says to his iPhone, letting the translate app regurgitate his words in Spanish to the guy.

“No Mameeeees,” the man says in a drawn out fashion before breaking out into a contagious laugh.

Caranuccio, I think has the right idea, strip the car with as much weight as possible to help maximize whatever power’s getting to the drive wheels.

We see Caranuccio wedging himself between a tree near the rear of the Charger and the Charger’s bumper, using his legs to exert as much downward force onto the rear to assist the rear tires into getting more traction.

Presumably that doesn’t work.

Caranuccio’s friend then jokingly tells the guy, also using the translate app, that he can’t park here.

If you’re not in the loop, this is what he’s referring to.

It’s not clear if he’s able to successfully help the man get his car unstuck.

I’m going to guess someone called a local tow service as this should be no problem for most any competent tow truck drivers.

According to Auto Simple (article linked here,) the best way to get yourself unstuck in situations like this is, for one, to stop spinning your wheels if pressing the gas gets you nowhere.

You’ll want to assess the situation, clear the debris or obstacles in the path of your drive wheels, and to come up with a plan.

A large majority of cars can get unstuck in these situations by adding traction, like piling sand, dirt, or even your cars floor mats in front of the drive wheels not getting traction.

And when you do try giving it some gas, finesse is key (i.e. you don’t want to stomp on it.)

And we can take a page from Carnuccio’s book, if you have car trouble somewhere where they don’t speak your language, that’s what your smartphone is for.

Using IOS or Google’s translate app can make any language barrier disappear.


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