Cheap plastic garbage, but it could move!

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Browsing Zuckbook and I came across a legit 2006 Saturn Vue Red Line in Modesto, California, mileage unknown, in decent shape for just $1,900.

A one-of-a-kind, quirky, five seater SUV made in the 2000s with a reliable powertrain for under $2,000?

In this economy?

With how crazy the used car market is?

It sounds too good to be true.

Check out screenshots of the ad and gallery of photos when the ad eventually goes away by the time you read this.

$1,900, a steal imo.
The Saturn aero kit is peak mid-2000s and kind of slaps.
Leather is nice.

With mileage unknown, it’s safe to assume this Vue Red Line’s well above 100,000 and might be into the 200,000s.

Still, kind of a deal.

“(The Vue) has a check engine light,” the caption reads. “…has 1 engine code of P0325 knock sensor. Currently registered till 2023 no motor or transmission problems. Car runs good. Tires are good. Got another car, not interested in lowball offers. Car is reliable and will drive anywhere.”

The tail of the tape reads like this Vue Red Line is fairly priced, quite honestly.

By the looks of things, this Vue is far from good condition, it’s OK at best.

The biggest exterior knock (no pun intended) is this massive passenger-side door dent, it’s bad enough where the door forms a massive gap with the front fender.

Some DIY paintless dent repair might be in your future.

As mentioned in the caption, the P0325 code is of concern and, according to elders on Saturn Forums, is most likely a faulty sensor that will require several hours of work to swap out.

You can still drive around with a P0325 code without causing any serious harm (if any,) it’s just that you’re going to have to get to it sometime, especially before you smog it, a biennial task in the Golden state.

It’s a task, as infamously said by many a textbook that’s, “Left to the reader (new owner) as an exercise.”

Other than that, plus the unknown mileage, if the rest of the powertrain is up to snuff, this is a tantalizing used SUV prospect.

As I’ve blogged about before, 2004+ Saturn Vue’s meant GM, in conjunction with Honda, equipped their V6 Vues with Honda’s legendary J35 engine.

In Saturns, this J-Series is a J35S1 putting out 248 HP and 242 lb-ft.

(side note, as of this blog post, Honda is still using the J-series in most of their SUVs. It’s just that good.)

And yes, these J-Series have the same VTEC crossover just like other Hondas (because why wouldn’t they?)

Check out the VTEC crossover sound on this Vue, with just a cold-air intake below.

Just a Honda V6 does not a Red Line make as regular V6 Vues got the same engine, same tune and everything.

Red Line trim meant performance, so Saturn lowered the Red Lines by an inch, equipped these with sportier suspensions, and had the power steering calibrated for performance.

Without a catalog at hand, Red Lines are recognizable by their Red Line-specific 18-inch wheels, aero kit (front, side skirts, and rear bumper,) chrome exhaust tip, and special Red Line badging.

Inside, Red Lines came with black and caramel leather seats, standard.

As you’ll come to find from former Vue Red Line owners, the added performance is the headline for these Vues, everything else, the styling, the interior, and all of the touchpoints, is typically cheapo GM.

If not taken cared for, they do not age well (case in point, see ad above.)

That being said, there’s still something desirable about a performance-tuned Saturn from the mid-’00s.

Saturn being defunct for 13 years at this point just adds to its desirability among the bargain bin used car shoppers among us.

And for that price, it’s definitely worth a quick once over if you’re in the Central Valley area.

A good test drive is a must.

$400/seat with Honda guts is an SUV value that’s hard to pass up.

Because if you try to buy anything with a J-series actually from Honda within the same year you’ll have to spend double, at least.


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