Is this one of the few reasons not to back into a space?

Redditor /u/yellowpurplezebra shared dashcam footage he captured from a Perris, Calif parking lot (in front of Hibbett Sports) showing an impatient Chevrolet Silverado driver commit a hit-and-run as the rear wheel of his truck ran over the driver’s side wheel and bumper of a late model Lexus IS trying to back into a spot.

If you recognize who drives this Silverado, it wouldn’t hurt to message /u/yellowpurplezebra, they might be able to forward that info to the relevant authorities.

Check out the footage for yourself below.

The accident happened at the Perris Plaza, link to the exact location on Google maps found here.

Presumably, /u/yellowpurplezebra was not in his car when the accident happened, he fortunately had his dashcam on standby mode, recording footage while he was away.

As you can see in the video the white Lexus IS passes by an open parking lot spot, the brodozer in his Chevrolet Silverado following closely behind.

The Silverado driver, following at well above a safe parking lot speed, does not expect the Lexus to back into a spot and instead, wrongly anticipates the Lexus driver will drive into a spot head forward giving him enough room to pass behind him.

Surprise motherf***er, the Lexus driver pulls an Uno reverse and backs into the spot they just passed, as is their right to.

Annoying for anyone following because they now must wait a few more seconds? Yes.

Annoying enough that it’s worth risking a hit-and-run? NO!

I’m sure the Silverado driver assumed this driver in the Lexus backing in was soooo entitled, taking their sweet time that, how dare they inconvenience him with a step above basic parking maneuver.

Seeing the Lexus driver backing in, opening up a space in front for him to technically pass, he guns it.

He miscalculates how wide his brodozer wheel and tire package is and literally runs over the front wheel, tire, and bumper of that backing in Lexus.

The Lexus just stops and incorrectly assumes the driver in the truck would, at least, stop, too.

Nope, hit-and-run.

When asked by another Redditor if he could make out the plates, /u/yellowpurplezebra responded, “Unfortunately not, we gave the footage to the driver of the Lexus though.”

It looks like this Lexus driver, assuming their properly insured for accidents like this, will have to go through their insurance to sort out any repairs.

What a headache.

If you’re wondering, new un-painted bumpers from Lexus run about $300. Paint? That’s another $500. A front headlight? Another $300.

Assuming that’s all that was damaged, this repair will cost $1,000+ easy.

I’m team “back into a spot.” 100 percent.

It’s not that hard, you use your mirrors, and it’s just easier when you leave.

You’re going to back out anyway, why not get it out of the way?

Then again, if I notice there’s another car following me in a parking lot and I’m committed to backing in, I’ll move more to the right and stop alongside the spot I want.

That blocks who’s following me from swooping in and it gives them enough space to pass.

In fact, if they do not pass, I’ll signal with a hand wave that they do.

I do not want someone waiting behind me as I back up for this exact reason.

After they pass and all is clear behind me, then I back into the spot.

That being said, if I, or anyone, is mildly inconvenienced by someone who backs in, doesn’t do what I do and, instead, blocks the entire lane, stopping you for a few seconds, sure, it sucks that they’re making you wait, but, besides getting angry, honking, and, doing what this a** hole did, is there anything you can do?

You can wait, or, if they’re really taking their sweet time, you can back up…safely.

Causing damage to another car like this Silverado driver, you just don’t.

We live in a society, people.


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